Frequently Asked Questions


I am interested in signing up my child for swimming, but they haven't had lessons yet.  Is the Swim Club the right place for him/her?

If your child has never done swim lessons, that is where he/she will want to start.  NSC is a competitive swim club. Once a child has mastered the lessons level of swimming they can continue on with our club with the focus on competitive swimming vs learning how to swim.

Swim Lesson options in Northfield include:

What is USA/MN Swimming Registration and why is it required?

The Northfield Swim Club is a member of USA/MN Swimming and therefore it is required for EVERY swimmer who is a current swimmer with the Northfield Swim Club to register with MN Swimming.  The registration covers a full year.



How often are swim meets and are they required?

Swim meets are offered from every week to every few weeks throughout the year.  Swim meets are optional but highly encouraged.  The coaches will help guide you on which meets are good options for your swimmer.


Are meet costs included in my monthly fees?

Since meet participation is optional (though encouraged) the costs of swim meets are extra and not included in the monthly fees.  Each swim meet carries different fees.  Sometimes there is a "splash" fee where you will pay per event your child is entered in, which might be $1.50 per "splash" or event.  If your child is entered in 4 events, the splash fees would total $6.  Often times there is also a flat entry fee on top of splash fees.  Coach Jesse will list the fees on each meet page.  Go to the Home page and see the events at the bottom.  Click on the Name of the event (not Job Sign-up or Edit Commitment) to learn more about the specific fees and any additional details about the meet.

What should my child bring to a swim meet and how early do we need to be there?

Coach Jesse will send out an email prior to your first swim meet and will provide reminders on what your child should bring to the meeting.  Here is a general list of what you should include in their backpack:

  • Healthy snacks (fruit, veggies, cheese stick, granola bar)
  • Beverage (water is fine, gatorade is an option but not necessary)
  • Towels - 2
  • Swim suit - 2
  • Goggles (good idea to have an extra pair as goggles can break)
  • Warm clothes (sweatshirt, pants, parka)
  • Deck shoes
  • And something to put it all in

Does the coach automatically sign up my child for swim meets or do I need to do that?

You sign-up your swimmer for meets. On our website, swim meets will be listed under "Events." Every family will select whether or not they desire to attend. If your swimmer will attend, you will select which events your child would like to swim. (If you are uncertain what events are best for your swimmer reach out to their coaches.) If you do not take action, you will not be entered into the meet. Each event has a minimal cost that will be billed to your account.

There is a comment section. This is where you can add any notes that are imporant for the coaches. 

Competing is essential to the progress of all swimmers of all abilities. It is also helpful for the coaching staff to see where the team is excelling and what skills we have to work on during practices.

To decline or commit:

  1. Click Events
  2. Choose the meet you want to decline or commit to by selecting: Attend this Event
  3. Select your child
  4. Choose No/Yes
  5. Save Changes


How do I access my invoice and pay my bill?

Understanding my service hours?


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