Piranha Winter Whiteout Re-cap

Feb 12, 2019

The Northfield Swim Club saw 45 swimmers compete in the last ‘regular’ season meet in Richfield this past weekend.  Despite having only four workouts the previous two weeks and actual near whiteout condtions on Sunday, the team had a strong performance.  The swimmers combined for 56% lifetime best.  Among those were 29 new Regional cuts and one new Champ time. 

Having stand out meets on the girls side were Leah Enedy, Josie Hauck, Kate Hubers, Greta Kortuem, and Josie Porter.  Leah dropped in all eight of her races.  Josie was also perfect, going 7/7 and added seven new Regional cuts.  Kate dropped in all but two races and added a new Regional cut.  Greta cut time in all eight of her races and added three new Regional cuts.  Josie was a solid 6/8 in her races and added a new Regional cut.

Having stand out meets on the boys side were Jim Graham, Everett Olson and Peyton Truman.  Jim cut time in 6/8 races and added a pair of Regional cuts.  Everett was 5/8 and added a new Champ time.  Peyton was 6/8 in his races and also added a pair of Regional cuts.

A team record was also broken during the meet.  Will Redetzke set the record in the 9-10 boys 500 free with a time of 6:29.50.  The previous record was set by Ryan Malecha in 2014 with a time of 6:33.90.

Great job by all who attended!  Full results can be found by going to ‘My Account’ then ‘My Meet Results’ then ‘Results by Meet’.