New Head Coach: Welcome Chris Morgan

Admin NSC

To the Team, their Families, the Board, the Selection Committee,

Wow.  This feels amazing!

Thank you so very much for this opportunity.  My family and I are very excited!

These are some big shoes to fill.  My first best goal is to stay the course that Gunnar has sent us on.  He is the standard for positive and patient leadership.  We will hold these standards.

Growth is always a good thing.  We have had a great big boost to our numbers with the last session of our Clinic.  Winston has all those kids now in Developmental, and each one leaves saying they have had lots of fun learning how to be faster.  Having fun and going faster...?  Sounds like what we strive for each day. 

For the past 6 years I have said many times that we have it good here in Northfield.  Really good.  All of us on staff have recognized this. This club, the people surrounding and supporting it, make that happen. 

I am very proud to be your coach.

Thank you,