Tech Suit Change Coming September 1st, 2020

Chris Morgan

A brief word on Tech Suits:  Starting on September 1st, 2020 there will be a State Wide Ban on athletes aged 12 and under wearing Tech Suits.  This is a choice our Local Swim Charter (Minnesota Swimming Incorporated) has made.  It does align with recommendations made by our National Governing Body, United States Swimming and Diving.   On a personal note, I agree with the recommendation.  At young ages, the difference a $100, or $200, or even $400 suit will make is not as significant as the time each swimmer puts into practice.  Tech suits do make a difference, but only slight.  In a sport where we track time to hundredths of a second  - any help is good.  However, it has become too common place for kids as young as 8 to expect parents to pay out a large sum for a suit they only will wear a few times.  The upcoming rule change will keep the playing field even, and keep more money in the pockets of our families.