Wednesday Workout 4/29/20

Chris Morgan

Dryland workout


1 Min of larger forward arm circles

1 Min medium forward arm circles

1 Min of small forward arm circles

1 Min large backward arm circles

1 Min Medium backward arm circles

1 Min small backward arm circles

3 Min swing arms closed chest to open chest stretch your arms and chest out from small to wide. 

10 Butt Kicks (standing bring your leg up like you are kicking your butt and alternate legs)

2 Min swing legs from back to front stretch hamstrings

1 min neck roll

10 Torso rotations

These exercises  do in 3 rotations with 60 sec between each set

10X Burmpess

10X Alternating Lunge jump (Jump while kicking one leg forward into a lunge)

10 X Pushup ( 1st set normal, 2nd set wide arms , 3rd set diamond)

Plank starting at 15 secs and work up to 45 sec


Here is a video that has some other dryland exercises you may be able to try as well


Hopefully everyone is staying safe and get something out of this workout, Make sure you do exercises in an open area of the house so you don’t hurt yourselves and above all have fun