Wednesday Leg Workout

Chris Morgan


Hello, today is a leg focused day.  Dr. Courtney Hilmanowski has a swimming specific workout that is leg based.  She has not yet sent out a PDF like we had last Friday.  I have her demonstrating the movements at the video link below.
She does use some exercise balls and some light weights for her movements.   You may use a chair or ottoman for the ball, a book/soupcan/gallonjug of water/ or just just skip using weights. She also uses a pole and recommends a broomstick instead.
Here is the workout:  Please go through each circuit 1 time for Dev-AG-JR's.  PS, SS and SG - you get to have the fun doubled.  Enjoy!
Spider Stretch (Demo at 7 min mark of video)
Do left and right 2 times each - Knee Down
Left and right 2 times each - Knee up.
Overhead Squat (demo at 9 min mark)
12 times
Circuit One:
In Line Lunge:  (demo at 9:20)
8 per leg - go slow and steady - push heal into ground.
Squat Jump to Streamline (demo at 11:30)
5 times of 30 seconds of blasting off, 1 min of rest.
Straight Leg Deadlift (demo at 15:30)
Slow and controled  15 per leg.
3 sec count down, 3 sec count up.
(get some water maybe redo some of the streaching)
Circuit Two:
Goblet Squat (demo at 19:30)
6 per leg, rest a min or so between legs.
The Champion (demo at 22:00)
two times of 8 squats - slow down, explode up.
Banded Lateral Walk (use socks tied in a loop, or very old googles, (Demo at 23:30)
Use band on feet 
Partial Squat 
1 inch steps to the side. Do not slide steps.  Pick up your feet.
30 steps to the left 30 to the right.
Here is her Video - I will forward the PDF when I get it.
You guys are missed~
Have a great day!