Friday Workout - Abs and Core

Chris Morgan



To be done as a circuit course

Station 1

25 Jumping Jacks ( no half way ones, arms and hands need to go all the way over your head)

25 Sidestradle Hops (Jumping Jacks but feet go forward and back)

15 Vertical Jumps ( see how high you can jump and note it then try to jump higher)


Station 2

Air flutter kicks 2 X for 30 sec ea  ( lay on back, raise legs and do goo flutter kicks with straight legs)

25 Body rotations ( Find an object like a ball , book , brick etc and hold infront of yourself and roatate slowly from oneside to the other side and back)


Station 3

15 Pushups ( Hands shoulder width apart keep body straight up and down no butts in the air)

10 Diamond pushups ( same as above but hands should form a diamond  under your chest)

Plank 4 X 30 sec


Station 4

25 Windmills ( stand with arms out to either side and reach down diagonally to touch your toes, one rep for ea arm = 1 Windmill)

Shoulder rotations 45 sec  (slowly roll your shoulders forward and back to stretch )

Arm circles 45 sec (arms out to your sides work your arms in circles from small to big and back to small)

Neck Rolls 45 sec (slowly roll your head and neck in a circle do both directions)


Dev and Age group do the circuit 2Xs

Juniors – Pre senior 3 Xs

Senior Silver and Senior Gold 4Xs