Wednesday 5/13 Workout

Chris Morgan

Today’s workout will start with some stretches and simple exercises

1 Min of larger forward arm circles

1 Min medium forward arm circles

1 Min of small forward arm circles

1 Min large backward arm circles

1 Min Medium backward arm circles

1 Min small backward arm circles

3 Min swing arms closed chest to open chest stretch your arms and chest out from small to wide.

10 Butt Kicks (standing bring your leg up like you are kicking your butt and alternate legs)

2 Min swing legs from back to front stretch hamstrings

1 min neck roll

10 Torso rotations

Sitting leg stretch 3 times for each leg

20 Windmills

25 Jumping Jacks

15 Leg lifts laying on back

3 X 1 min of air flutter kick while laying on back

25 Squats ( do slowly as to not strain your leg muscles)

20 Vertical Jumps from a squat


Setup a circuit run in your backyard.  (Place a cone or other object on one side of the yard)

Go to the other side of your yard and run to and from the cone (or other object)

  1. Circuit sprints do 2 times

10 X Circuit Sprints 

30 sec between each


  1. Stair runs do 2 times

10 X sprint up and down a set of stairs

30 sec rest in between ea


  1. Easy Job for 30 min