Workout Wednesday 5/20

Chris Morgan


Today - let’s do some Cardio.   Interval style.  

Please stretch out for 10-15 mins beforehand.  Loosen up by stretching out hamstrings (Sit down, lay legs flat, and reach for your toes)  and quads (stand on one leg, hold right foot in right hand, help pull the knee under and behind your hips), along with arm circles and your neck with gentle circles as well. Also stand and rotate hips in an eggagerated hula hoop motion to activate your lower core and hips.

Find a space to run - and have a device that has either a stopwatch on it, or a clockface where you can see the second hand.  

Find your heart rate by finding your pulse on your neck, and counting the beats for either 6 seconds (then multiply by 10 to get your heart rate) or count for 15 seconds and multiply by 4.

We will be using your heart rate to guide us through the following workout.

After Stretching:

Run easy for 10 mins - check your heart rate at 5 and 10 mins- should be 120-140.

Rest 2 mins. Get some water in you as well.

Station one  (Dev, AG, JR’s do this one time) (PS, SS, SG twice through please):

Run in place - with very high knees - 5 mins straight.  Check Heart rate - Target is 180.

Rest 2 mins.

20 Burpee’s (no push up) quick and with a big jump at the end of each one.  Target is again 180.

Rest 1 min.

20 Vertical Jumps - bend knees, hips, and ankles - push from your glutes to your toes for maximum height each jump.  Target is still 180, go big each jump.

Hydrate - rest 2-4 mins

Station two (Dev, AG, JR’s - 10-15 mins) (PS, SS, SG - 20-30 mins)

Walk/bike/run:  Heart rate target 140-160.  Maintain that HR for your time span.

Please verify the route with your parents, and wear proper safety equipment.

Hydrate and stretch legs please -

Station three

Wind Sprints:  (Dev, AG, JR’s please do 10 rounds) (PS, SS ,SG please do 2 or 3 sets  of 10 rounds - getting your heart rate all the way down between sets and stay hydrated.)


30 seconds of blast fast running (absolutely all out) - followed by 15 seconds of walking easy - followed by enough rest to get your HR back down below 120 (or 15 seconds - whichever takes longer).


Cool down by walking easy for an additional 5 mins. Please do this part, your legs will be much happier later for it.


You guys are great!  Make it a great workout - bring tunes and know that your teammates are out there doing it with you!