Workout Wednesday

Chris Morgan




Hope everyone is safe and doing well.  

I would like you to start with some basic stretches , Arms, Legs, Neck etc 

25 Jumping jacks

20 Side Straddle Hops (Jumping Jacks with legs going forward and back rather than side to side)

20 Pushups

2 X 30 Sec Plank

Now we are going for a jog , nice easy pace. Make sure you have something to time with. I want you to Jog for 2 min at a nice pace then sprint for 10 sec. walk for 30 sec Jog for 2 min and sprint for 20 sec then walk for 30 sec. Keep going 2 min jog each time sprint for an additional 10 sec until you get to 60 sec then cool down. For those of you who are older or in better shape please do the entire cycle a second time then make sure you do a nice walk to cool down after.