Fitness Friday 6.5.20

Chris Morgan


Hello and Happy Friday! 
Today is, I believe, the last day for school for many of our members.  Congratulations to all of you, and welcome to summer!
Today's workout is best done outdoors - and with a device that has a stopwatch feature.
Stretch:  10 mins.  Prone stretch the legs.  Actively move hips and core in full range of motion to warm them up and get the core engaged.
5 min walk.
10 min light jog.  (Heart rate below 150)
5 min run (HR @ 170-180)
Walk until heart rate is below 120
Repeat  5 times  
Water Break as needed.
For a bonus round:
Mark a Starting Point - give yourself 10 seconds to run absolutely as far as possible.  Mark that point.
Make as many attempts as needed to go further in 10 seconds, 5 times.
5 min light jog cool down.
Something of note:
Next Tuesday we will be analyzing 3 different types of Breatstrokes via youtube and Zoom during our hangout.   Please be there (virtually) to take in some of the best breaststrokes the world has ever seen.