Summer Session 2020 Wrap and Senior Extension - Middle School Policy Change

Chris Morgan


I want to thank all of you for your time, energy, and support these past few months as we returned to the pool.  Some of you have been on every Zoom call we had as a team since March.  One of our members even got up in the middle of the night, each week, to be on the zoom calls as she was in Europe at the time.  
The love and support we have here is impressive, and extremely valuable.  Thank you!
With all the uncertainty, and cautious steps slowly forward made by USA Swimming, Minnesota Swimming, and right here locally  - we made it back to the water.  We saw kids smile, we saw kids learn new skills and work really hard.  Pretty basic swim team stuff really.  However, having that as a part of our day - for the coaches, swimmers, and thier families - I have to say the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  The more kids came and swam - the more comfortabe they got.  Both in the water and with themselves.  We went from nervious giggles to full on belly laughs.  We had a chance to praise kids for thier efforts - and our kids had a chance to feel stronger and faster than they ever have before.  It's been great - and will be great again.
Unfortunately, today marks the last night we will have practice at the Middle School for some time.  The District made the decision to not allow ANY outside groups to rent school facilities until November 9th.  A reassessment of this policy will be made early October.  This is a blow to be sure.  We could not be more proud of the progress that was made by our swimmers each evening.  It's truly been remarkable.  You have lots ot be proud of.  We will be back.  It just may be a bit (again).
Best news I have is that:  We do have an additional two weeks at the Outdoor Pool.  (The city is trying to make as much as the can from their decision to open Old Memorial Pool).
For SENIOR POD members only.   IF you are in one of our 4 senior Pods - you can swim 7:30-9:30 am Monday - Friday until August 28th at Old Memorial Pool.   The cost will be $50 for both weeks - and just bring a check with you the first day. It's our only chance to offer pool time for many months - so sorry for the scramble to get it rolling.  We are treating it as an extension of our Summer season with our senior kids.  Please reach out with any questions.
Know that it is our pleasure as coaches to have the opportunity to work with your kids.  You have great kids.  
With our 50 years of service to this community, I know we will be back. We will continue to be a source of fun, fast and highly competitive swimming.  Just as soon as we have a pool.
As always, please feel free to reach out!
Proud to be your coach,
Chris Morgan