A Note From Board of Directors

Registrar NSC

Hello Bull Shark Families,

We are excited to start our 2nd week of practice. As a Board, we would like to share our excitement to be back in our home pool and get our swimmers in the water for so many reasons. We would like to commend our Coaches for their implementation of our safety COVID protocol plans. They have spent many hours working out the kinks, directions of pods moving on deck, lane assignments, etc. We’ve had to change our plans several times over the last year, but we are always keeping up with MSI/USA swimming protocols, as they come down from our governing board. With that said, every few weeks there seems to be changing policies and keeping up with these changes is a fulltime job. However, we are confident in our plans and understand working through the first few weeks of our session will be important to lay the groundwork for keeping our swimmers/coaches safe.

We would like our families to know that one or two of our board members will be monitoring for compliance at our nightly practices. We feel this step will allow the coaches to coach and board members can assist to ensure we are practicing social distancing in the stands, always wearing masks in the building, and looking for ways to improve our safety plans/policies on the dry side of practice. One of these plans was to offer baggies so swimmers can keep their mask poolside, so they are ready to put on when they exit the pool. This plan was in place before practice started but harder to organize with so many kids. We have baggies at the pool to assist with that piece.

Please continue to keep the conversation open with your swimmer about following our policies. We have swimmers that need reminders (and that is ok) but lack of disrespect for not following policies, will not be tolerated.  When coaches or a board member remind swimmers about the importance of following our policies, please know we mean this with sincere respect. We do not want to lose privileges from the school district. That conversation is important so we can follow through with our plans that are keeping us all safe and in “our pool.” If there are concerns regarding this, you will receive a call from Coaches and/or Board members to address. We want all swimmers to participate at practice but will not be allowed to do so if they are being disrespectful.

We know our swimmers and their families are respectful. We have proven we can have safe and fun practices in previous sessions this year with our COVID policies. We want to continue in our home pool. Please reach out to Chris or any board member for questions you may have. We love that families can come to us with concerns and questions because they feel safe. We will address quickly, clarify important items, and make necessary changes, if needed.

We are hopeful to be starting 2021 in a positive light. Thank you for allowing your swimmers to swim and be part of a very program that wants the best for our kids.


Rachel Porter and NSC Board of Directors