Club Dues

Most USA Swimming teams are funded by a combination of dues, fund-raising and revenues from hosting meets. Our fund-raising activities typically include hosting sanctioned USA swim meets, annually hosting the swimming and diving championships for the Catholic Athletic Association, and participation in dining to donate restaurant fundraisers. This has been in line with the board’s desire NOT to have our swimmers involved with any door-to-door sales.

The largest and most important expense for OMNI funds its coaches and officials - maintaining appropriately-staffed practices and meets as well as the ongoing training and USA certification necessary to provide our swimmers with high quality instruction. The next most significant expense is for pool time. OMNI requires more than 900 hours of pool time for each year of operations in order to provide workouts for our swimmers. Other expenses include training equipment, meet sanction fees, standard office expenditures, advertising, annual audit, and computer expenses for meet entries, record keeping and our website.

Current Dues Structure: (for the 2021-2022 Winter Season) – subject to change for future seasons. Our Winter Season (from mid-September through mid-March) consists of 3x 8-week sessions. Dues are payable at the beginning of each session. Session dues can be prorated for high school swimmers going directly to or coming directly from their high school season. All other swimmers will pay for a full session (if they begin in the first 4 weeks of the session) or a half session (if they begin in the last 4 weeks of a session).


Rookies           $ 35.00 per week, which includes 3x 60-minute practices

Age Group       $ 40.00 per week, which includes 3x 90-minute practices

Pre-Seniors     $ 45.00 per week, which includes 5x 90-minute practices.

Seniors            $ 45.00 per week, which includes 5x 90-minute practices.

USA Dues

All OMNI members are required to be registered members of USA Swimming. The 2021-2022 full season membership is $74. The partial season membership for swimmers joining for the summer season only was $38 in 2019 (subject to change in future seasons).

Meet Fees

When attending meets, the host club charges a fee for each event entered. These “splash fees” are generally a few dollars per event. They are paid in advance by the club when swimmers are registered for a meet and are then billed to the parents after the fact. There are no admission fees at meets, although the host club will sell programs and concessions to raise additional funds to cover the cost of the meet.

There is a $7.00 per swimmer OMNI Coaching Fee for swimmers attending meets.



Although not required, swim caps are recommended and official OMNI swim caps are preferred at meets since they help coaches keep track of swimmers. OMNI swim caps are available from your coaches at a cost of $4.00 per cap. Personalized swim caps are also available whenever clothing orders are taken.

Suits, Goggles, Equipment

OMNI has selected an official team suit that is available through Elsmore Aquatics. Group orders are taken at least once per year and will result in a lower price. Official team suits are not required. Goggles are highly recommended for all swimmers, and may be purchased through Elsmore, most sporting goods stores, and at most sanctioned meets. Other equipment, such as kickboards, pull buoys, and flippers may also be purchased through Elsmore. There is a supply of these items at the pool that we do use on a regular basis, so these are not mandatory. However, many swimmers often prefer to have their own equipment


Periodically, OMNI will place group orders for T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweat pants and other clothing items for both parents and swimmers. Information about such orders will be handed out in adequate time to make your selections, although they are not mandatory