Piranhas Swim Club: Membership Information

Please read through the information below to get details on our membership fees, billing procedures, scholarship opportunities, meet fees, team apparel, and more.

To register for the current season, please click HERE.

NOTE: New families must set up a swim assessment with Head Coach Chris Schmitz prior to registration. We will also hold formal "Splash Nights" prior to the start of each new season for interested families. Answers to some of our most frequently answered questions can be found HERE.


Fees & Payment Information: 2022-2023

Members of Piranhas Swim Club will incur various charges at registration and throughout the course of each season (meet fees, team events, apparel, etc.). These costs are broken down and explained below.

Message to Current Members: To access your balance and to manage payments, please sign-in to your TeamUnify account and view your account details under the "My Account" bar on the left side of the page.

Please direct all questions about your bill to: [email protected]


Membership Dues (updated July 2022)



Fundamentals = $265 per 10 week session

Advanced = $320 per 10 week session

Age Group 1 $160 per month
Age Group 2 $180 per month
Junior $228 per month 

Senior 1 = $228 per month / Senior 2 = $238 per month 

* lifting will be communicated in the Fall

HS/Club Combo

$125 for morning practices during HS season

High School Tune Up

$125 one-time payment

* HS Tune-up is only offered in the summer


Required USA Swimming Membership

The above club fees do not include a mandatory USA Swimming/MN Swimming fee. All swimmers must be registered with USA-Swimming for 2022/2023, with no exceptions. Piranhas will invoice USA-Swimming registration to all families when we learn more about their new policy for Fall 2022.

USA Swimming and Minnesota Swimming (MSI) are the governing bodies for competitive swimming in Minnesota.  As members of Piranhas Swim Club, your swimmer is required to be a members of both of these organizations for competition and insurance purposes.

New members will be registered when they first enroll in Piranhas Swim Club.  Returning team members will have their memberships renewed at the beginning of the Fall/Winter season.  

College swimmers are welcome back and must register as a Senior swimmer and register with USA-Swimming.  


Billing Cycles


September (w/ Registration), October 1st, November 1st, December 1st, January 1st, February 1st., March 1/April 1 for any remaining meet, apparel, etc. fees


April (w/ Registration), May 1st, June 1st, July 1st (any remaining meet or apparel fees will be billed on August 1st)



Scholarships will be available to families based on financial need.  This will be verified by 1 of 4 different methods - proof of free or reduced lunch, medical assistance insurance card, verifiable unemployment benefits, or an unexpected change of family circumstance (medical, death, change in family status).  Scholarships will be ½ of monthly dues, ½ of meet fees, and USA Swimming's reduced outreach yearly registration fee.  Families will be responsible for the remainder of the monthly dues balance and meet fees.  Scholarships will be offered per season and will be reevaluated prior to registering for the next season. Please contact our Club President for more information at [email protected].


The scholarship fund will be funded through designated scholarship donations, revenue from 1 intrasquad meet per season, a portion of the swim-a-thon, volunteer commitment hours fees, and dine-out fundraisers.


Billing Policies: Overview

All members must register and pay dues using our secure online registration and billing system.  

All payments must be made by credit card, debit card, or direct bank (ACH) withdrawal via our secure online billing system. We do not accept physical checks, e-checks, or cash for payments. 

Credit Card Processing Fees & ACH 

The Piranhas Swim Club incurs excessive amounts of processing fees for it's numerous monetary transactions over the course of any given month (on an annual basis we are paying upwards near $10,000 in fees).  

On June 10, 2020 the Piranhas Board of Directors decided to pass the processing fees onto the members rather than take them on as a club.  It was decided that all registration fees and monthly dues will be assessed a processing fee of 2.95% + $0.30 per transaction. 

If your family would prefer, we can bill your checking account directly through ACH.  Adding ACH would incur a much smaller processing fee of $1.25 per transaction.

In order to add your ACH account info please follow the steps below.

1) Log-in to your Piranhas Swim Club account and access your profile.

2) Add your ACH account to your billing information. You will need your account info (routing and account #), bank name, and name of the person holding the account.

Billing Statements 

All monthly invoices will be distributed electronically on the  25th of the month.  Please verify your invoice for accuracy, informing us if there are any discrepancies before the 29th of that month. Members using credit/debit cards to pay dues will then be automatically charged on the 1st  of the month. Members using direct bank withdrawals will be automatically charged within 3-5 business days following the 1st  of the month. 

Please take note of the following policies: 

Late Fees 

A late fee of $20.00 will be assessed to any payment that is not received before the 20th  of the month. 

Cancellation  Policy 

Members signed up for monthly billing must submit  a written (e-mail preferred) notification of cancellation to the head coach AND billing contact no later than the 20th  of the month previous to when they wish their membership to cease.   (For example, to stop billing in February, notification must be received no later than January  20th).  If notification is received after the 20th of the month cancelation will be effective the following month.  Accounts will still be responsible for all pending invoices. There will be a cancellation fee of $25.  The account holder remains responsible for all incurred outstanding fees.

Refund Policy

No dues/fees will be refunded after the first two weeks of practice with the exception of if a swimmer misses practice for more than 4 consecutive weeks due to illness or injury.  A credit will be issued and can be applied to a future registration.  An extended illness or injury must be communicated to the club president and head coach as soon as it is known.


New Members

Piranhas Swim Club, in normal circumstances, has an open door policy, meaning we allow swimmers to join our team all season long! New members will have an opportunity to register after returning members on a first come first served basis dependent on space and group placement. Additionally, we ask that all new swimmers participate in an evaluation session in order for the Piranhas coaches to place them in the correct training group based on skills and age. 

Please contact Head Coach Chris Schmitz to set-up an assessment.  New swimmer evaluations can be organized at any point during the season. New members will receive a team cap free of charge, to welcome you to the team!

Two week trial period

We offer a two-week trial period for all new members. All new members will be granted a full refund after two weeks if for some reason they wish to cancel.  We do ask that all new families register in full before their first practice.  Cancelation notice must be communicated to the Head Coach, Chris Schmitz, and Billing Director,Tom Bose, by the end of their first two-weeks to receive a full refund.

Remember, all new swimmers must do a swim evaluation with a Piranhas coach before being placed on the team.  Please contact Head Coach, Chris Schmtz, with any questions about registration groups or to set-up an evaluation.  Evaluations can be scheduled any time of the year.

Multi-Athlete Discount

Families with more than one swimmer will have the following adjustments made to their total dues

1. 2 swimmers per account: 5% reduction 

2. 3 swimmers per account: 10% reduction 

3. 4 swimmers per account: 15% reduction 

4. 5 swimmers per account: 20% reduction. 

The multi-athlete discount only applies to membership dues and does not apply to meet fees, USA Swimming registration fees, apparel fees, etc. Additionally, the multi family discount does not apply to Novice training groups or HS-prep/combo groups.


Meet Fees

Meet fees are billed to those swimmers that participate in swim meets throughout the course of the season. Entry into meets typically, but not always, involves an athlete fee, a fee per individual/relay event, plus any extra facility fees that the host team requires.  All meet fees can be found in the meet information for each particular meet and is subject to change depending on the demands of the host club.

Families will be billed for meets in the billing statement immediately following the date of the swim meet. For example, fees for a meet in June will appear on the July billing statement. 

Please note that once a swimmer is committed to a meet, they will be obligated to pay for the meet fees regardless of their participation.  

Regional Travel Meet Surcharge

A regional travel meet is a meet in which a large majority of the club can participate and compete.  Regional travel meets will require hotel accommodations and car travel.  Families who commit to participating in regional travel meets will be responsible for the full cost of the coach or coaches.  A surcharge will be applied to each athletes meet dues.  The surcharge will be clearly stated on each meet's event page in advance of the event/meet. In most cases the surcharge will be minimal.  Examples of meets where a "Regional Travel Meet Fee" will be applied would be the Duluth Meet (in October), Des Moines or Milwaukee meets (in January/February), Age Group State in Rochester (in March), Minnesota Regional Championships (in July), and/or other regional meets that Piranhas Swim Club attends.

Long Distance Travel Meet Surcharge

Long distance meets are easily defined as trips that require air travel along with hotel accommodations.  Long distance travel meets generally have one accompanying coach.  The club and the participating athletes will share the cost of the coach.  Depending on the cost of the meet and the number of athletes attending there will be a surcharge to offset coach fees (flight, hotel, food).  This surcharge will never exceed $200 per participating athlete.  The surcharge will be communicated to participating families in advance of any travel meet.


Activity Fees

Piranhas Swim Club will invite its swimmers and their families to participate in various activities or team outings throughout the course of the season (bowling, banquets, bbq's, etc.).  Families will be asked to register and pay for each of these events in advance through a one-time payment option on our website.  Registration pages will be activated well in advance of any team activity.


Swim Wear / Fan Apparel

As with any athletic team, certain equipment and apparel can be key to successful training.  Our team apparel - including our competition suit, warm-ups, practice equipment and basic accessories - can be ordered directly through our local partner, Elsmore  Aquatics. A guideline of what every swimmer in each group needs can be viewed HERE. Order team items online at our  Elsmore Aquatics Team Page!

Fan apparel is a fantastic way to show your team spirit, both in the stands and around town.  All orders are coordinated directly by our club volunteer during the season. We require every swimmer to wear Piranhas gear to competitions and to team events! All new swimmers will receive a team cap. Additional team caps can be purchased throughout the year and will be billed to your account.


Questions About Your Bill

From time to time, you may have questions or concerns about your statement. Please direct these to Piranhas Swim Club’s treasurers. They can be reached at the following e-mail address: [email protected] (regarding registration, dues, payments, invoices and billing questions).