Membership FAQ

Please read through some of our Frequently Asked Questions, as they will help answer any basic questions and allow families to become familiar with some of our policies regarding membership. If you have further questions about membership, please contact Piranhas Head Coach Chris Schmitz.

Information about membership fees, billing procedures, scholarship opportunities, meet fees, team apparel, and more can be found HERE.

When can I join? When are your seasons?

The Piranhas Swim Club has open registration all year long, although we do encourage registration before each season (Fall/Winter and/or Spring/Summer).

  • The Fall/Winter season runs from mid-September-March (dependent on group and final swim meet).  Registration for the Fall/Winter season will be open in August.
  • The Spring/Summer season runs from mid-April through the end of July/early-August dependent on end of season meets. Registration for the Spring/Summer season will be open in mid-March. ​
  • Novice sessions: Novice differs from the other groups in their practice schedules.  Novice is divided into three x ten-week sessions throughout the year (Fall, Winter, & Spring).  Novice swimmers can participate in as little or as many of the sessions as they please.

We invite participation at any time of the year!  Please direct all inquiries about new member registration to Head Coach Chris Schmitz, [email protected].

What are the basic requirements for joining the team?

To join the Piranhas Novice group your swimmer must be able to complete one length (25 yards) of the pool freestyle and one length of the pool backstroke. Swimmers should have the maturity to participate in an hour-long practice.  Most Novice swimmers have previous pre-competitive lesson experience (ie - community education swim lessons, Olympic Style Swimming lessons, or any other lesson program).

An evaluation will be required for all new or interested swimmers, typically held during a "Splash Night" OR "Tryout Night". Each season's "Splash Night" occurs at the beginning of that season. Splash Night will be announced on the Piranhas Swim Club homepage.

How do I register?  What are the fees?

When you decide to join, you will register your swimmer(s) using our online registration system. Upon registration you are also responsible for paying the first month or full-session dues along with the USA Swimming registration fee.  For more information, please read through the information contained on the Payment Information page.

All athletes must be evaluated for group placement before registration.

Family Volunteer Commitment Policy per Season

Why require a family volunteer commitment?  Piranhas Swim Club coaches are paid, professional coaches. Volunteers perform all other club functions.  It takes a great deal of manpower to run our meets. Without the revenue from our volunteer-staffed meets, all dues would need to increase by 30% or more. Your volunteer hours enable us to keep a cap on our monthly dues while still providing an optimal experience for your swimmer.  Please click HERE for a more in depth explanation of our Volunteer Policy.

For the Fall/Winter Season, the Piranhas Swim Club will host one full weekend meet and a minimum of two weeknight meets at RMS.  Any family participating IN ANY WAY in the club at ANY POINT in a season are required to volunteer 14 hours (Age Group 1, Age Group 2, Junior, & Senior families) and 8 hours (for Novice families).  Our efforts in hosting these events support our team's community and financial goals. 

For the Spring/Summer season, the Piranhas Swim Club hosts one full weekend meet at the Richfield outdoor pool and two weeknight meets during the season.  Each registered family is required to volunteer 14 hours (Age Group 1, Age Group 2, Junior, & Senior families) and 8 hours (for Novice families). 

Any families who are looking for other ways to volunteer can contact Club President, Neal Young.

Volunteer Commitment Virtual Meeting from Fall, 2021

Practice Equipment Requirements

As in any other sport or activity, swimming requires specific practice equipment as well as a team competition suit.. All team swimmers are required to purchase basic practice equipment, determined by their practice group.  Each group's equipment requirements can be found under our Practice Groups.

All practice equipment can be purchased online through the Elsmore Swim Shop.

Required and Optional Apparel


  • Competition Suit (Team suit can be purchased through the Elsmore Swim Shop).  Must be a tight fitting suit.
  • Team Cap for swim meets (each swimmer will receive a team latex cap at the beginning of the season)
    • additional caps can be purchased year round and billed to the member's account
      • Latex Cap = $6
      • Silicone Cap = $12

Optional - Many swimmers have much more apparel than stated above.  The below items are optional, but we encourage all swimmers to have more than just the basic grey shirt as we require all swimmers to wear team apparel at swim meets.

  • Team Warm-ups (jacket and pants) embroidered with name
  • Team Parka
  • We will offer a variety of different purchasing opportunities throughout the season also. Items include embroidered hoodies, beanies, a variety of t-shirts, and other fun options.


The club recognizes the need to provide scholarship opportunities for swimmers who fall below the federally set free and reduced lunch income scale.  The scope and duration of the scholarships will be determined by the current fundraising and financial condition of the club. Please contact our Club President for more information at [email protected].  See the full scholarship policy under Membership Info/Membership Dues.

College Swimmers

Club members who continue to swim at the collegiate level are always welcome to return and train with the Piranhas and the Senior group.  We encourage our returning swimmers to be role models for our developing swimmers by demonstrating leadership, commitment and responsibility.

Returning college swimmers will have the option to train during the summer, and school breaks, with the Senior group.  Returning swimmers must contact Head Coach, Chris Schmitz to discuss goals, team expectations, commitment and schedule before committing to the Senior group.  College swimmers must be registered athletes through USA Swimming and are responsible for all meet fees incurred during the course of the summer. If a college swimmer decides to attend all practices they must register with the senior group.

College swimmers also have the option to swim with the Master's group for a monthly fee of $40.  Contact Maureen Mook, [email protected], for information about swimming with the Master's program.

Joining During Covid

Piranhas Swim Club is dedicated to providing a safe environment to all of our members and staff.  Piranhas Swim Club is abiding to all current regulations set forth by MN Department of Health and the School District's at which we occupy. 

Evaluations for group placement can be scheduled with Head Coach, Chris Schmitz.