Piranhas Team Gear & Apparel

Piranhas Swim Club is proud to be a TYR Sponsored team!

All of our official team apparel including, team suits, warm-ups, parkas, and training gear will be TYR branded and can be found on our official team store, Elsmore Swim Shop.

As with any athletic team, certain equipment and apparel can be key to successful training.  Our team apparel - including our competition suit, warm-ups, practice equipment and basic accessories - is ordered directly through our partner, Elsmore  Aquatics.   A guideline of what every swimmer needs based on training group can be found HERE and clicking on your swimmer's training group.

Piranhas will periodically have team apparel made from GeeTeez, a local embroidery shop. In the past we have done hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts, etc. Fan apparel is a fantastic way to show your team spirit, both in the stands and around town. 

All new swimmers will receive a team cap.  Team caps can be purchased throughout the year and will be billed to your account.