Parent Education

USA Swimming provides parents and swimmers with excellent resources on topics from the very basics of our great sport, to the important role each parent plays in the success of their young swimmers, to nutrition and wellness. Please VISIT THEIR SITE to take advantage of the resources USA Swimming provides for its members. 

10 Commandments for Swimming Parents (PDF)


Nutrition & Sleep

The Piranhas Swim Club and its coaches are dedicated to teaching lifelong lessons through the sport of swimming.  We encourage both parents and swimmers to use the resources linked in this section to learn and promote healthy eating and sleeping habits that can last a lifetime.  Remember, being an athlete is much more than showing up to practice everyday. See: Nutrition for the Student-Athlete

Some key points include:

  • Stay hydrated throughout the day!  Drink plenty of water or other hydrating beverages before, during, and after training/competition.
  • The best way to recover is through proper nutrition and sleep.
  • Pack healthy snacks for after school, before/after practice, and during meets. 
  • Do not over exert before major competition.

Further resources from USA Swimming:


Injuries & Prevention

We will always make sure we offer a safe environment for all of our swimmers.  Unfortunately, like in all sports, injuries do occur from time to time.  There are certain common injuries that can be avoided with some simple prevention techniques.  One of the most common problems swimmers can experience is Swimmer's Ear.

SWIMMER'S EAR - The first step to treating swimmer's ear is prevention!  Tips & Tricks for Swimmer's Ear