Age Group 1

Typical ages: 9 to 12

Pre-Requisite Skills: Ability to swim 100 yards freestyle and 100 yards backstroke with flip turns at each wall. The swimmer must also be able to execute 25 yards of butterfly and breaststroke. The swimmer must be comfortable diving into the water head first.  Swimmers must also be able to stay focused for the full 90 minutes.

Practice Attendance: 3-4 x 90 minute practices per week

Always refer to the AGE GROUP 1 PRACTICE CALENDAR for up to date practice times 

Basic Practice Schedule:

  • Age Group 1 swims Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 6 - 7:30 PM

Please always refer to the PRACTICE CALENDAR for up to date practice times and planned cancelations.

Practice Skills: Heavy emphasis is placed on refinement of the four competitive strokes and kicking, introduction to clock reading/intervals, and the more advanced nuances of each stroke. They will also focus on competitive necessities like flip turns and open turns, standard and relay starts, and the basic rules of the sport. Secondary emphasis placed on building core strength and swimming endurance.

Meet Attendance: At least three per season (plus commitment to participation in championship meet for which the swimmer has qualified).

Meet Events: Minimum 100 Free/100 Back, 50 Free/Back/Breaststroke/Butterfly.

Advancement: Ability to complete AG2 pre-requisites and coach’s discretion. Swimmers/Parents will be given formal progress updates at the middle and the end of each season and advancement recommendations will be made then.

Equipment:  We do not require AG1 swimmers to purchase their own equipment as we will supply all the necessary equipment.  Although optional, we recommend Age Group 1 swimmers to purchase their own fins to ensure they have the correct fitting fin. All swimmers are required to have their own set of goggles and a tight fitting suit.  Swimming equipment and team apparel, including team suits, can be ordered through ELSMORE SWIM SHOP.