Age Group 2

Typical Ages: 10 to 13

Pre-Requisite Skills: Ability to swim 100 yards freestyle in a time under 1:30, 100 yards backstroke in a time under 1:45. Complete 10 x 100 freestyle on a 2:00 interval. The swimmer must be able to legally complete at least 100 yards of each stroke. The swimmer must be willing to compete in designated team competitions and should have at least two at least five - C times in their age group (Minnesota Swimming Time Standards)

Practice Attendance: 4 to 5 x 90 minute practices per week. 

Basic Practice Schedule:

Age Group 2 swims Monday - Friday from 6 - 7:30 PM with two dry-land sessions per week (See below calendar for up to date practice times)


Practice Skills: Heavy emphasis placed on further refinement of the 4 strokes, kicking, streamlines, breaststroke underwater pullouts, flip turns, open turns, standard and relay starts. The use of clock reading and intervals sets, introduction to 200/500 freestyle distances and use of more advanced racing skills and strategies will be employed. Some dry-land/strength training will be done.

Meet Attendance:  At least 3 per season (plus commitment to participation in championship meet for which the swimmer is qualified).

Meet events: 200 of Freestyle and Individual Medley, 100 and 50 distances of other 3 strokes.

Advancement: Ability to complete Junior pre-requisites and coach’s discretion. Swimmers/Parents will be given advancement recommendations at the end of each session.  

Equipment: Kick Board (optional as kick boards are available at the pool), Pull Bouey, Fins, Paddles, and a Snorkel.  All the above equipment as well as team apparel, including team suits can be purchased through the ELSMORE SWIM SHOP!