Typical Ages: 12 and up

Pre-Requisite Skills: Ability to swim 100 yards freestyle in under 1:15, 100 yards of all other strokes in under 1:40. Complete 10 x 100 on a 1:40 interval. The swimmer must be able to legally complete a 100 of Butterfly and Breaststroke, have competed in the 500 Free, 200 Back, and 200 IM. The swimmer must be willing to compete in designated team competitions and should have at least 5 B times in their age group.  Minnesota swimming time standards as well as more advanced meet time standards can be found HERE.

Practice Attendance: 5 x 2-hour practices per week with two 40-minute dry-land sessions per week.  


Practice Skills: 

While there will always be an emphasis on stroke technique of all four strokes.  There will be a heavier focus on training to create endurance and strengt.  Swimmers will continue to fine tune the competitive skills such as, flip turns, open turns, starts, and breakouts.  Swimmers should expect to be challenged physically while learning how to do interval workouts.  Swimmers will go over goal setting and learn race strategies. 

Meet Attendance: At least 4 per season (plus commitment to participation in championship meet for which the swimmer is qualified).

Meet Events: 500 freestyle, 400 IM, 200's and 100's of all 4 strokes.

Advancement: Coach’s discretion.  Swimmers must be able to show dedication through practice attendance and meet commitment to advance to the Senior group.  In training, swimmers must be able to complete a 2500 yard set at a 1:30 base.

Equipment: Kick Board (optional as kick boards are available at the pool), Pull Bouey, Fins, Paddles, and a Snorkel. All equipment, team apparel (including team suits) can be found on the ELSMORE SWIM SHOP TEAM STORE.