Senior swimmers are the most capable swimmers on the club. They are expected to show a very high level of dedication to the sport of swimming. While attention to technique is not ignored, it is done in an environment that is focused on training and conditioning. The following expectations are placed upon members of the Senior Group:

1.   Near-perfect practice attendance (90% practice attendance or better). Some flexibility will be afforded to conflicts with other academic/extra-curricular activities, but an average week for a Senior swimmer must include at least 1 practice per week day/Saturday.

  • Morning practices throughout the Fall/Winter/Spring seasons will be offered and will be used in addition to the afternoon practices; not in place of.  Swimmers will be talked to individually about participating in morning practice. 
  • During the Summer season, all practices will be conducted in the morning.  Afternoon practices will be offered and will be used in addition to the morning practices, but not in place of.
  • Friday morning practice is offered every week to replace the evening practice that Friday.  Friday evening practice will be used to make-up afternoon or Friday morning practices that were missed during that respective week.


2.   To derive any benefit from training with the group, a Senior swimmer must be able to complete the practices assigned to the group. Furthermore, they must possess the maturity and dedication to come to practice focused and with a purpose.

3.   A commitment to competition is expected, coaches will automatically commit all Senior swimmers to compete at the swim meets. Senior swimmers will commit to attend the applicable championship meet at the end of the season.  Senior families will be responsible for declining participation to any meet that cannot be attended. 

Admittance to the Senior group is based on the discretion of the Head Coach and may be revoked at any time if a swimmer does not meet the minimum expectations for group participation.

Equipment: Kick Board, Pull Bouey, Fins, Paddles, a Snorkel. Stretch rope (i.e. yoga stretch rope).  All equipment and team apparel (including team suits) can be found on the ELSMORE TEAM SHOP.