The Rochester Swim Club is based in Rochester, Minnesota. We utilize many pools in the areas for our practices, but our primary facility is the Rec Center in Rochester. The Rec Center is one of only two Olympic-size pools in Minnesota, with the other being the University of Minnesota Natatorium. We typically hold practices at the Rec Center 6 days a week and host numerous swim meets there throughout the year. Due to our team's size (400+ swimmers) we also hold practices at the middle school and high school pools occasionally. During the summer we have some outdoor practices at Soldiers Field Pool. More details on each pool are below.

Rochester Rec Center - The Rec Center has an 8 lane, 50 meter pool.  September-March the pool is divided by a removable bulkhead into two 8 lane, 25 yard pools. We move the bulkhead for the long-course season April-August.  There is also a 4 lane, 25 yard warm water pool where we conduct most of our swim lessons.

Kellogg Middle School - The Kellogg pool is a 4 lane, 20 yard pool. It is our secondary location and is about a quarter mile from the Rec Center. 

John Marshall High School - The JM pool is 6 lanes and 25 yards. 

Willow Creek Middle School - The pool at Willow Creek is 6 lanes and 25 yards. 

John Adams - John Adams has a 4 lane, 20 yard pool. 

Mayo High School - The pool at Mayo High School is 6 lanes and 25 yards.

Soldiers Field Pool - Soldiers Field pool is an outdoor 6 lane, 50 meter pool. 

Rochester YMCA - The YMCA pool is an indoor 4 lane 25 yard pool.  

Pool Maps

Soldiers Field Pool

Soldiers Field Pool 244 Soldiers Field Dr SW

Mayo High School

Mayo High School1420 11th Ave SE

John Adams Middle School

John Adams Middle School1525 31st St. NW

Wiillow Creek Middle School

Willow Creek Middle School2425 11TH Avenue SE

John Marshall High School

John Marshall High School1510 14th St NW

Kellogg Middle School

Kellogg Middle School503 17th St. NE

Rochester Rec Center

Rochester Rec Center21 Elton Hills Dr. NW