Session Dues

Swim dues are subject to change:


Short Course Installment Options:





Billed Sept 1 - Feb 1

Silver Rays



Blue Rays









Note:  High school swimmers will receive prorated credits Sept. 1 – Feb. 1



Long Course  Installment Options:





Billed April 1 - July 1

Silver Rays



Blue Rays









Note:  Seniors will be billed a surcharge of $125 for additional practices during the long course season. 


Swim Dues FAQs

How often do I have to pay swim dues?

SCSC is a year-round club.  Swimmers register for an entire season.  The short-course season (mid-September through early March), and the long-course season (mid-April through early August).  We offer a monthly billing plan for interested families. 

Note to new swimmers:  “short-course” and “long-course” refer to the length of the competition pools, not the length of the season.  Short-course pools are 25 yards in length, and long-course pools are 50 meters in length.

Besides swim dues, what other expenses are involved with being an SCSC swimmer?

Once each SEASON, each FAMILY must pay a $15 administrative fee.  Each calendar year, each swimmer must register with MSI (see the "Registration" tab above).  For each meet that a swimmer chooses to attend, there are meet fees (paid to the host team) and a meet surcharge (paid to SCSC to cover the cost of the coaches’ travel expenses).  Depending on your practice group, you may need to purchase some equipment such as paddles, fins, etc.  You will have the option to purchase team apparel in the fall, and possibly at other times throughout the year, such as a team swim suit for meets, team swim caps, team warm-ups, end of season t-shirts, etc.

If my swimmer starts a season late, can I pay a prorated amount? 

All swimmers start at the beginning of the season so dues are not prorated.  Please contact the Treasurer for questions.

If my swimmer can’t attend every practice, can I pay a reduced amount, or be issued a credit?

Refunds and discounts will NOT be given for practices missed due to vacations, other sports*, brief illness, etc.  Season fees must be paid in full, even if you know your swimmer will not be able to attend all offered practices.  Contact the Treasurer if you have an extenuating circumstance.

*We do pro-rated billing for high school swimmers only.  They are billed 50% of the season dues or time in the water, whichever is greater. 

Why is there an "administrative fee" invoiced on my account?

Once each season (at the beginning of the short course season, and again at the beginning of the long course season), each FAMILY (not each swimmer) is charged an administrative fee.  The fee is used to cover website expenses to Team Unify.  The website is the system used by the club to register swimmers and ensure compliance with USA Swimming Requirements.

How do I pay my balance?

Our club prefers the ACH method for your payments; it is simply the lowest cost method for our volunteer Treasurer to handle the payments.  An invoice will be generated on the 21st of the month preceding the start of the next month, and your account will be charged on the 1st of the month.

Do you have other methods to pay my bill?

In addition to the ACH method for your payment, we also offer the ability for you pay via your personal credit card. 

If you anticipate a delay in payment for unusual circumstances please communicate immediately with the treasurer so the club may work with you on a resolution to avoid keeping your swimmer(s) out of the water. 

When are the fees billed?

As of September, 2015, to help our families budget their expenses, we bill as follows:  Short Course is billed 9/1, 11/1 and 1/1; Long Course is billed 4/1 and 6/1 (due to 2020 Pandemic this billing is not applicable).  We offer a monthly billing plan for interested families; see dates above under Swim Dues.

What happens if I don’t pay my swim dues on time?  

If your dues are not paid by the 10th of the month, you will be charged a $10 late fee.  If your dues are not paid by the end of the second week (Saturday) of the month, your swimmer may not be allowed to practice with the team. If your bill remains unpaid, you will be asked to switch to either the ACH or credit Card methods.

When should I pay swim meet fees?

Each time your swimmer is entered into a swim meet, you will owe money. Sometimes, you may not know the exact amount you owe until after the conclusion of a meet.  The money you owe for a meet will be posted to your account and due at the first of the next month.  Swimmers may not be allowed back in the pool for practice with overdue accounts.  

On my invoice, what does the "1st" or "2nd" or "3rd" after my swimmers’ names mean?

1st, 2nd, 3rd do not indicate the swim session, but rather the number of a child in a family.  For example, a family with 3 swimmers would see 1st by one swimmer’s name, 2nd by another swimmer’s name, and 3rd by another swimmer’s name.  Multiple swimmer discounts are applied to the swimmer in the least expensive practice group specified in the pricing table at the top of this page.

St. Croix Swim Club offers a discount to families with multiple swimmers:  10% off the 3rd swimmer, 20% off the 4th and each additional swimmer.  All discounts are applied to swimmer(s) in the lowest priced training group.

What is the "registration fee"?

The registration fee is explained during the registration process:

New to our team (new swimmer to our team, new to the sport, never swum with us before):  $100 per swimmer per season with no family maximum.

SCSC "current" or "active" swimmer:  $50 per swimmer per season with a $125 family maximum per season for  current/active swimmers.  A "current" or  "active" swimmer is one that is currently swimming and paying season fees for the current season or the season that just ended before registration.  For example, an active swimmer for fall registration would be a swimmer who swam the long course season and paid all season fees. 

"Inactive" swimmer:  $100 with no family maximum for inactive swimmers.  An "inactive" swimmer is one that has swum with SCSC in the past but taken a season or more off. 

The Registration Fee is paid to guarantee a spot on the team and commit the member to the season.  We take registration seriously and begin to plan our season based on registrations including pool time and coach hours.  Please contact the Registrar or Treasurer for specific questions.