St Croix Swim Club is a non-profit organization.  As such, volunteerism is critical to the financial success of our club.  We typically host 2-3 swim meets each year.  The net proceeds from the swim meets are built into our annual budget and help keep our swim dues competitive.

Since we are a non-profit club, we rely entirely on our families and other volunteers to make these meets work!  We work diligently to make sure the meets start and end on time, that delays are kept to a minimum and that the whole process goes smoothly. 

Running a meet requires hundreds of volunteers so ALL families MUST participate in this effort.  We need our high school families too - even when your swimmer is away from the club swimming with their high school - we need you to help fill the volunteer slots.

Each family is REQUIRED to fill two job slots per (two day) meet.  This is a minimum requirement and all families are encouraged to do more.  Families may be charged up to $100 for any meet that you do not fulfill your volunteer requirement.  If you have a special situation, contact our meet director or volunteer coordinator directly.  If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact our meet director or your team manager.  Thank you.