Message from our Club President

Hello and welcome to St. Croix Swim Club!  We are glad you chose to become a member of our club.  We are proud to be a member of Minnesota Swimming and USA Swimming.  We are a parent-governed club.  This means our families have an interest in the success of the club and work together to support our swimmers and coaches.

USA Swimming sees the family as the customer of the swim program.  This means that, together, the swimmer and his or her family make the choice as to what program is best for them.  We encourage parents to ask questions to help you understand the philosophy and values of our program that has been established for more than 15 years.   

The CEO, Coaches, and Board of Directors help the families see the connection by working together to achieve our goals.  At St. Croix Swim Club, we ask our parents to support the CEO, our coaches, and the Board of Directors.  As partners, we believe in and appreciate the values the program represents and the quality coaching our swimmers receive.  Thank you for joining our club.