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(last updated 12/5/19)
Our next hosted meet is December 7th - 8th, 2019.


Butler Center for Sports and Fitness at St. Catherine University - map


General Information

  • Shirt color for SWIMMERS: Saturday BLUE, Sunday BLACK
  • Shirt color for VOLUNTEERS: Saturday BLACK, Sunday BLUE
  • AM Session: 11 & under
  • PM Session: 12 & over
  • Only swimmers are allowed in the locker rooms. Restrooms for all non-swimmers are located upstairs (by concessions) and downstairs (further past volunteer check-in). No exceptions.
  • Elsmore will be on site on Sunday only
  • Our concessions menu can be found here


Volunteer Information

  • The building opens at 6:30am
  • Check-in time: specified in Event Job and your email inbox
  • Check-in location: located just beyond stairs to spectator balcony
  • If you are on-deck, you CANNOT have a phone with a camera
  • Bring a refillable water bottle, filling stations are located throughout the building
  • Light snacks will be provided to on-deck volunteers
  • In case of emergency, call/text Bernie (949-701-2145)
  • Be flexible during the meet, smile -  we are all here to make this a positive experience for all swimmers and visitors