Our Mission
  • Our mission is to create and maintain a swim club that embodies the spirit of competitive swimming. Our club will emphasize the foundation for a healthy lifestyle focusing on the benefits of physical exercise, good nutrition, and mental training through goal setting. We will encourage swimmers to become well-rounded individuals with a healthy balance of family, school, friends and swimming. Sea Devils Swimming will provide a safe and suportive environment for swimmers at all levels of competitive swimming, starting with the beginning swimmer through high school. Our club will work together with the community and school district to achieve the greatest mutual success.
Our Core Beliefs
  • All swimmers are welcome; swimmers wishing to compete as well as those who wish only to train.
  • While swimming is an individual sport, we strongly believe in team unity, team spirit and that all swimmers can benefit from a positive team experience.
  • Our club and our coaches objectives are to provide a swimmer with the best technical strokes, turns, starts and conditioning practice which will enable them to achieve their personal best swim times.
  • Our coaches believe in positive reinforcement with constructive and helpful critiques to motivate and improve their swimmers.
  • Our coaches will not manage any swimmer’s performance either in or out of the pool through humiliation, ridicule or coercive means.
  • Our coaches must maintain the safety and attention of all our swimmers during practice and meets; as such they retain the authority to remove a swimmer from the pool for any actions which they feel are dangerous or disruptive to the swimmer and/or others
  • Any disciplinary action beyond the immediate removal from the pool will be communicated to the swimmer's parent or guardian in a timely fashion.  Such disciplinary action could include, but is not limited to, suspension from practice or locker room privileges.
  • Competing in away swim meets is optional; Sea Devils Swimming understands that competing is not for everyone and many meets are held on weekends which conflict with family commitments.
  • Participation in our home meets is highly encouraged and recommended.
  • Sea Devils Swimming relies on parent and family volunteers in order for our events and activities to run smoothly.  Family participation also helps to build a sense of community within our organization.
  • Our club supports swimmers who participate in multiple sports.
  • Our club supports our middle school and high school swimmers by encouraging participation on school swim teams. Flexible season starts or end dates will be made to accommodate those swimmers who participate in their school teams and wish to join our swim club in their off season.