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We would like to welcome you to the exciting world of swimming!

By joining United States Swimming (the national governing body of amateur competitive swimming) and the SEMS swim club, your child will become a member of one of the country’s largest and most organized youth sports.

The South East Metro Sharks Swim Club offers practices in 25 yard lane indoor pools throughout South Washington County (Woodbury, Cottage Grove, Newport, St. Paul Park). Practice will be offered at one or more location during a season.

The sport of swimming has many benefits, including the people you and your child will meet. The camaraderie among swimmers is unique; many swimming buddies become lifelong friends. In addition to being around fine people, swimming provides one of the most beneficial forms of exercise for cardiovascular and overall fitness. This exercise can be enjoyed throughout one’s entire life. SEMS also offers programming for adults in our Masters training group.

Possibly the greatest benefits of participating in an organized swimming program are the life skills your child will develop. These skills include time management, self-discipline and sportsmanship. Studies show that swim teams in high school through college usually have higher grade point averages than any other school athletic teams. Also, swimmers tend to be at the top of their class at any level. 

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