USA Swimming Registration

Dion Erbes

All members need to be USA Swimming registered for 2023. The way to register this season is through USA Swimming’s website. All members will need to set up a new USA Swimming account. For swimmers under the age of 18, parents need to first set up a parent account and then set up their swimmer(s) under the parent account. The information below will hopefully help you be able to do this. We have heard that this is not a smooth process, so please ask if you need help. We will do our best to answer your questions. New swimmers do not need a swimmer ID, as you will get one when you sign-up for USA Swimming registration. Returning swimmers, your swimmer ID number can be found by logging into your member area of our website. If you are not able to locate it, please let Dion know, [email protected] 

Set up account first: Here's the links the Online Member Registration to set up a parent or swimmer (18 & Older) account.

Then, register your swimmer: Tigershark link to the 2023 USA Swimming Registration. If you know you qualify for assistance (free and reduced lunch), please let Dion know and he will get you the link to be able to register at a reduced fee. 

Here are the different categories for registering for USA Swimming. You should register for PREMIUM if you know that you are going to attend more than 2 meets throughout 2023. DO NOT SIGN-UP FOR FLEX! If you sign-up for the flex membership, you will have to upgrade to PREMIUM when you sign up for a third meet between now and the end of 2023. 

For this year, MNSI is not having USA Swimming collect the LSC portion of the fees. Each swimmer will be billed the $8/swimmer for the LSC fee. if you signed up for FLEX, the MNSI fee is $10. 

  1. If transferring from another club, a $5 transfer fee payment will be billed to your account. 
  2. Any family on free or reduced lunch only owes $5.00 for their annual USA Swimming Registration, with proof of free or reduced lunch.

Links to other resources that will be helpful: 

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