STAR Swim Team is a parent-run organization driven by the commitment of its members. STAR families show their support for the swimmers and the coaching staff by paying their membership fees promptly and through participation in team events including team trips, fundraising and STAR-sponsored meet food donations and work contributions.

Why Help STAR?

"The simplest reason is also the most powerful. You should help because your child benefits greatly from the program. The second reason is that most clubs cannot function without substantial volunteer help. The economics are not there for a full professional staff to do all the things that need doing".

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Commitment #1: Swim Fee Payment

Timely fee payments are necessary to ensure STAR's financial stability and to meet its operating expenses, including coaches' salaries and pool fees.

Commitment #2: STAR Meet Food Donation

STAR sponsors two swim meets per year, which raise significant funds for the team. $30.00 will be collected at Registration to be used toward the purchasing water, Gatorade, etc. Also, each family is required to donate bars and veggies for concessions. Anyone who is unable to supply bars and veggies will be charged an extra $25.00 fee.

Commitment #3: STAR Meet Volunteer Work

Since the success and profitability of the STAR sponsored meets depend on volunteers, all STAR families are required to contribute work sessions for each meet. (2 work sessions for the Winter Meet and 3 work sessions for the Summer Meet) We are not looking for cash donations because the volunteer hours are what is truly needed, however families not meeting the volunteer time commitment will be assessed a $75.00 charge.

Commitment #4: "FUN"draising

Because STAR is a nonprofit organization, fundraising is very critical to the success of team. Fundraising covers STAR's operating expenses - these are NOT "slush" fund monies.

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