STAR Swim Team Practice Plans During Covid-19

STAR Swim Team



*Safety is our No. 1 priority as we prepare to get back in the water with a modified schedule. STAR will stay in accordance with all state and local health guidelines. Practice capacity and duration will be limited for all groups, and social distancing–staying six feet apart at all times –will be strictly enforced.

*Locker rooms will be off-limits, and a bathrooms will be available for emergency use only, one person at a time. Drinking fountains will also be unavailable.

*Swimmers will be assigned to a practice group and a lane and these assignments will be permanent until further notice. If a swimmer can’t get to their assigned practice on a certain day, they will NOT be allowed to come to a different practice, no exceptions. We understand some kids may not be able to attend all practices or feel comfortable attending practices right away. There is no penalty for missing practice at any time.

*Our plan to reintroduce athletes to the water depends on everyone’s (athletes, parents, and coaches) cooperation and adherence to our safety protocols. We expect all STAR swimmers, coaches and parents to practice social distancing both at and away from the pool. By doing this, it shows that you respect your teammates and their families, and the STAR coaches and their families.

*If we feel anyone is consistently not adhering to social distancing guidelines (staying six feet away from others, avoiding large gatherings), that swimmer may be temporarily suspended from STAR practices.

*The pool area will be cleaned by the custodial staff two times per day. The personal storage areas will be cleaned after each use. Shared surfaces such as railings and door handles will be wiped down each practice.



*swimmers must wear a facemask, unless in the water

*come in your suit, leave in your suit – no locker rooms will be available

*Come with an empty bladder. A bathroom is available for an emergency, but must be cleaned by the user (with direction by a coach) right after any use

*use a small bag to carry two caps, two pair of goggles, a water bottle (optional) that will not chip the tile if dropped, keys, phone

*a Ziploc bag or container (not glass) to place facemask in at the end of your lane while you swim

*if you use an inhaler that should be in a Ziploc bag or container at the end of your lane

*Your lane and “home” base position will be posted on the wall as you enter, as well as on the STAR website. Know where you are headed. Lane assignments will probably not change much. The “home” base positions will alternate weekly (this instruction does not apply to Strokers)



*Pool entrance is in the back of Fairview Community Center, there is construction in front, follow the signs, and look for Door #9 (next to Construction Trailer)

*Please be in the parking lot, or standing at least 20 feet from the entrance, 15 minutes before your practice begins.

*A coach or parent volunteer will motion when he/she is ready for swimmers to be checked in.

*Line-up, staying a minimum of 6 ft. apart.

*If you did not complete a health questionnaire online for the workout, you will need to answer the health questions. If you answer “Yes” to any, you may not practice that day.

*A parent volunteer or coach will check your temperature with a touch free thermometer. If you have a temperature above 100’, you may not practice that day.

*Stay back from the entryway, at least 10 feet, and allow the previous group to exit.

*Next group will be allowed to enter, staying 6 ft. apart.

*Follow signs to designated storage spot. Select an X. Place your small bag of belongings, shoes, towel there.

*Keep your facemask on.

*Collect your goggles, cap, water bottle, Ziploc bag, inhaler – if needed.

*Walk to deck access shower. One at a time, enter (shower will be on), touch nothing, hold mask up high, quickly rinse off, replace mask, exit shower

*Staying 6 ft. apart, move to your lane assignments and access point - whether you will enter from the deep end, shallow end, or side.

*Put water bottle down, put cap and goggles on. You must do your own cap.

*Facemasks stay on until just before you enter the water.

*Sit and slide into pool. There is No Diving allowed. Wait at your “home” base

*If you’ve made it this far, the fun is about to begin!

*All lanes will circle counterclockwise. No matter where your “home” base is, a lane line should always be on your right side for Free, Fly, and Breast. It will be on your left for Back.

*Listen for Warm Up Instructions.

*Expect lots of shorter swims as we all learn to swim in this new configuration. And, as everyone gets back into swimming shape.

*At this point only pullbouys, fins, and paddles may be used.



*Once practice is over, put your facemask back on before getting out of the pool,   exit your lane in the same spot you entered. Stay 6 ft. apart.

*Pick up your belongings, make your way to your storage spot. Be aware of the separation between yourself and other swimmers heading to their storage spot.

*Quickly grab your things, thank your coaches and exit the building, 6 ft. apart.

*There will be a group waiting to come in, observe your space and theirs.

*If you are waiting for a ride, once the next group has entered you may find a spot by the building to wait for your ride.