To compete at any swim meets your swimmer needs to register with USA Swimming.  Your swimmer cannot start the meet warm up if he/she is not registered with USA Swimming.  It’s the family responsibility to register your swimmer.  It’s an annual membership out of pocket from the family.

If your swimmer is under the age of 16 do the following steps:

  1. Parent needs to create an account with USA Swimming. 

Here is the link: USA Swimming

Use the following link to show you all the steps:


  1. a. For swimmer that is new to USA Swimming

Use the following link:

Here is the link to show you all the steps:


b. For swimmers that have a previous SWIMS members

Use the following link:

Here is the link to show you all the steps:


When you submit the final step it may take time to go through.  Be extremely patient.  Sometimes you may need to refill the form.  If you have any problems you can always reach out to STAR office.


What level of membership your swimmer needs to buy:

  1. If the swimmer is 12 and under and is new to the competition and doesn’t plan to compete much, then Flex membership can be chosen. Flex membership allows the swimmer to do at most 2 sanctioned under MN LSC swim meets in a year. The fee is in the lower $30.
  2. If your swimmer is an experienced and swims all year round then Premium membership should be considered.  The fee is $87.  It allows the swimmer to compete at an unlimited amount of swim meets. You can upgrade from Flex to Premium by paying the difference in the same year.


For registration submitted after September 1 the membership will last until Dec 31 of the following year. Members need to renew their membership prior to the end of the year after that.