Attending a Swim Meet

Swim meets are a great family experience!  Here are some guidelines geared to help you through your first swim meet.   Once you have attended one or two meets this will all become routine.  Please do not hesitate to ask any other Stingray parent, board member, or coach for help or information.

The week of the meet you will receive an email from the coach with a list of swimmers and events they are entered in.  The email will also include the address/directions to the meet location and times that warm-ups begin.  Bring this with you to the meet.


The pool area is usually very warm so dress appropriately.  Parents usually try to sit as a team in the bleachers area.  Bring a highlighter and a pen/pencil for recording results.  Bring your camera, but remember there is no flash photography during the starts of the races.  Bring along something to read or pass the time between your swimmer's events.  There is usually a “camping area” where parents and swimmers can hang out together if there is a long wait between your events, so you can bring chairs or blankets to make a comfy spot, sometimes this is in a gym or in a designated hallway.

Parents are not allowed on the pool deck at the meet.  Swimmers are able to leave the deck , but need to check with the coach to see if they have time before they swim next, coaches will not hunt down swimmers – they are responsible for being around when it is their turn to swim.   If you need to get something to them at the meet, stand by the door and get their attention – they can come to you.  After your swimmer has finished swimming the events they were in for the day, you may leave.

There are almost always concessions on site as well as a swim vendor who will sell goggles/suits, etc.  It is a great place to pick up some extras if you need them.


When you get to the meet and are all suited up and ready to go, head to the pool deck and find the coach.  Usually we will hang up a banner (it is white with a blue stingray on it) and will sometimes have a designated area to sit or we just find a spot to sit together as a team.

Some good snack items for the pool deck would be: grapes, oranges, apples, cheese sticks, pretzels, wheat thins, granola bars, bagels (saltine crackers if your swimmer is anxious and has an upset stomach) among other healthy options.  Please do not give your swimmer doughnuts, chips, pop, candy bars, fast food, etc… before or while they are at the meet swimming, save the treats for after J  Also have them bring a water or Gatorade/Powerade with them to the meet to have with them on the pool deck.  Water is sufficient, but I know a lot of them like to bring the sports drink which is fine.  (Monster, Red Bull , etc… are not  sports drinks!)

It is also a good idea to bring an extra pair of goggles and swim cap along if you have them in case yours break. They usually have a nice selection for sale at the meets if you forget yours or need to get some extras for the season.

Have some extra towels with and some warm wear for on the deck that can get wet.  It gets chilly when they are getting in and out of the pool, especially if they have a longer wait between their events.  Also a pair of flip flops is not a bad idea.

Swimmers are normally allowed to bring their snacks out onto the pool deck.  Swimmers can also bring things with to do on deck between their events.  Some bring books or small electronics along to play on deck.  It is their responsibility to watch over these items and to keep them dry. 

Swimmers should be courteous to other swimmers from their team as well as the other teams that attend, cheer for their team mates and pick up after themselves on the pool deck.

Meet Mobile Swim Meet App

The meet host may make the meet available on Meet Mobile.  You can download this app through the Apple App Store or Google Play.   In addition to real time results, you can see pre-race rankings, standings, and heat/lane assignments as they become available.  You can "flag" swimmers and/or teams as favorites and then filter down to see both completed results and upcoming schedules.l time results, see pre-race rankings, standings, and heat/lane assignments as they