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Q: How many different groups does Willmar Aquatic Racing Stingrays (WARS) have and what is the difference between them?

Pups: In our entry-level program, swimmers need to be able to easily swim one length of a pool. Emphasis is put on learning the four basic strokes and starts and turns. Practices last 45 minutes and swimmers are encouraged to attend 2-3 times per week. We encourage our Level 1 swimmers to attend smaller meets. PUPS SKILLS: Front Crawl and Backstroke, 50 yards confidently growing to 400 yards a practice. Able to listen to instructions with minimal corrections. Ability to focus during full practice. During instructions keep feet on the ground and head above water consistently.

Mini-Rays:This level teaches swimmers more advanced competitive swimming skills and the very basics of training. Practices last 45 minutes and swimmers are encouraged to attend 2-3 practices a week. At this level we encourage attendance at beginner meets.Mini-Rays SKILLS: Proper technique of all four strokes, basic flip turn, backstroke flip turn, proper use of a kick-board, racing starts from the blocks, backstroke racing starts and finishes, two hand finishes, the proper kick technique of all four strokes. Swim a set without a rest period. Ability to get warm-up gear ready and put away. Limited interaction with lane mates. Ability to maintain focus between sets. Consistency in behaviors and swimming.

Whiptails: This level fine tunes strokes, starts, and turns. It also develops good training habits. This is when training for stroke work has begun. Practice lasts 1 hour and swimmers are encouraged to attend 2 or more practices a week. Meet attendance is highly encouraged. IMR event is completed during this level. Whiptails SKILLS: Fine tune stroke techniques, flip turns, open turns, IM transitions, and starts. Underwater pull-outs for breaststroke, flip turns, backstroke racing starts and finishes, two hand finishes, the proper technique for all four strokes. Front crawl with rhythmic breathing on both sides and open turns for IM races, relay starts, swim a set with out rest periods, swim a set with training intervals, can read their times from a pace clock, know two-stroke drills for each stroke. Minimum of 1000 –1500 yards a practice. 'C' times with a few 'B' times. Character: Finishes set consistently. Leads by example. Knows and implements lane courtesy and etiquette.

MantaRays: This is the top-level youth program. These swimmers train hard for both stroke improvement and conditioning while maintaining and improving racing skills. Swimmers are encouraged to practice 3 or more times per week for up to 1.5 hours. Meet attendances required. Minimum of 2 short course meets required. Manta Ray SKILLS: IMR completed working on IMX events. Most swim meet times are 'B' times. Develop excellence in race skills, including strokes, turns, tempo, and race preparation. Know at least three stroke drills for each stroke, and learn proper technique for streamlines, pull-outs, and break-outs. Improve conditioning and add yardage. Teaching and practice of skills is often at training/race pace.


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Q: How often do you practice and where?

Typically, practices are held Monday through Friday during the school year (September to May). Practices are held at the Willmar Senior High pool and are subject to change. It is the responsibility of the swimmer and their guardian to check the Stingrays calendar to know where practices are held. June, July and August depend on pool availability OR weather if we are doing a lake swim.

Q: Are practices required?

None of our practices are required, although attendance at the recommended levels is strongly encouraged, The more time a swimmer spends in the pool, the quicker they will learn the skills they need to advance to the next program.

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Q: How much does it cost?

Registration fees, new swimmer packet fee and insurance fees apply as well. Our monthly fees are as listed as below:

Pups & Mini-Rays: $70

Whiptails: $80

MantaRays: $90

Family Discount

1st swimmer: Full Fee

2nd swimmer: 10% discount

3rd swimmer: 20% discount

4th swimmer: free

This discount only applies to an account when multiple swimmers are active in any given month.

Minnesota Swimming, Inc. (MSI) Registration

All Swimmers must be registered with MSI before entering the water, No Exceptions. We obtain our liability insurance through MSI, therefore every swimmer is required to register. This program is secondary to other primary insurance in place through the athlete's employment, school, and parents or family.

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