2021-2022 Season Registration

Open for Returning Members

7/23/21 - 5/6/22

Open for New Members

7/23/21 - 5/6/22


*****Please Read All of This Information before you proceed!*****

Every new swimmer must be evaluated by our coaches to join Stingrays.

New Swimmer Evaluations will be September 13th from 5:30-7PM  

Mandatory All Team Meeting will be held September 13th at 7PM.  EVERY SWIMMER MUST ATTEND WITH AT LEAST ONE PARENT.

Official practice begins Thursday September 16th from 5:30-8:15

We will be offering practices Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday each week.   Pups will practice for 45 minutes, Minirays for 1 hour, Whiptails for 1 1/2 hours, and Mantarays for 2 hours.  In the event that a Cardinal Swim meet falls on a Tuesday or Thursday during the week, we will offer Wednesday or Saturday practices to make up as an alternate, but not every time.  Please check the website to determine if the calendar has a make-up day.  Make-up practices will be 2 hour practices where all groups start at the same time.  Always refer to the website calendar as a guide and if you have questions, please let us know.

*Returning swimmers and parents, please note that we will revert back to our 5:30 start time from before the 2020-2021 swim year. 

Practice times are as follows Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday:

  • Pups will practice from 5:30-6:15
  • Minirays will practice from 6:15-7:15
  • Whiptails will practice from 6:15-7:45
  • Mantarays will practice from 6:15-8:15

Wednesdays or Fridays, practices start at 5:30 for everyone.  Saturdays, practice will start for everyone at 7. 

Charges for the year are as follows: 

  • Every swimmer will need to pay the $110 registration fee.  This fee is for USA Swimming insurance, maintenance fees, and administration fees.
  • New swimmers who do not have a snorkel will need to pay for the New Swimmer Starter Pack.  If you began swimming with us after March 2020, you will need to add this Pack to your registration.  Returning swimmers who need a cap and a snorkel can add this to their registration as well.  The New Swimmer Starter Pack contains: snorkel, Stingrays swim cap, and Stingrays bag tag.
  • Every swimmer will pay $60 for the month of September.  For October-May swimmers will pay their monthly fees based on the level they are in with Stingrays: 
    • Pups will pay $80 per month
    • Minirays will pay $80 per month
    • Whiptails will pay $90 per month
    • Mantarays will pay $95 per month 

Information to take note of:

  1. Swimmers should come dressed and ready to swim with suit on. 
    1. Bring your own goggles, snorkel, towel, backpack (if you wish with sweatpants/pants/shorts to slip on over your suit after the completion of practice). 
      1. There is no sharing of equipment at all this year.  We will not have the extra goggle bin and swimmers may not borrow equipment from anyone else for the safety of others.  If you do not have the required equipment with you, you will have to swim without, which may be complicated.  Swimmers, we need to be prepared each day for practice with the appropriate equipment. 
      2. Snorkels will be used this year so please bring them with.  If you do not have a snorkel, you will need to include the New Swimmer Starter Pack in your registration.
    2. Swimmers should bring their own personal water bottle.  Drinking fountains may be used to refill a water bottle.
    3. Restrooms are available for use but we ask that each swimmer uses the restroom prior to practice.
  2. Swimmers should enter through the activities door at the High School and go directly to the pool. 
  3. Once practice is complete, swimmers will then exit the pool area through the activities door.

Every family will be required to fulfill volunteer hours this year.  The number of hours is TBD(to be determined) based on need, with a maximum number of 6 hours per family.

If your family qualifies for reduced or free lunch, please contact Melanie Sheets at [email protected] to hear about the discounts that you qualify for!  DO NOT CONTINUE YOUR REGISTRATION!

Parents as always, please refer to the website for practice information and registration as well as emails for the latest information.