Summer Season 2021

Open for Returning Members

5/1/21 - 7/30/21

Open for New Members

5/15/21 - 7/30/21


Official practice begins Monday, June 7th between 7:00-9:00 am (*see below)

Due to Covid regulations – the pool area capacity in and out of the water is 50-60 people.  U.S. Swimming guidelines indicate that we are allowed 5 swimmers per lane.  For safety reasons of swimmers and coaches, we have had to modify our practice times for our four swim groups.  Practice times are as follows:

  • Pups practice 8:15-9:00 am, (M, T, W, Th)
  • Mini Rays will practice from 8:00-9:00 am, (M, T, W, Th)
  • Whiptails and Manata Rays will practice from 7:00-9:00, (M, T, W, Th)
  • June 7- July 1st practice will be held at the Willmar High School Pool
  • July 6th- 29th practice will be held at Dorothy Olson Aquatic Center

We will again be offering practices Monday – Thursday each week.  Always refer to the website calendar as a guide and if you have questions, please let us know. 

Please note that information could change.  Please watch your email and the website if you have any questions. 

Information to take note of:

  1. Swimmers should come dressed and ready to swim with suit on as locker room changing facilities will not be available for changing purposes. Bathrooms will be available as needed
    1. Bring your own goggles, snorkel, swim cap if necessary, towel, mask/face covering required upon coming into the building, backpack for sweatpants/pants/shorts to slip on over your suit after the completion of practice and for carrying equipment.
      1. There is no sharing of equipment at all this year. You will each be checking out team equipment at the beginning of the session and be responsible to return it at the end of your time with us this summer. Replacement of any lost or damaged equipment will be the sole responsibility of the swimmer/swim family. If you don’t have the required equipment with you will be asked to go home or swim without
      2. Swimmers, we need to be prepared each day for practice with the appropriate equipment. 
      3. The first day of practice, each swimmer needs to have a backpack.  Your swimmer will check out equipment at the beginning of the summer.  This way, it will cut down on extra work for our coaches.  If your swimmer has a kickboard, please bring it with you.
      4. Snorkels will be used this summer so please bring them to practice every time!
      5. A hand sanitizer station will be available for use for everyone. 
    2. Swimmers may bring their own personal water bottle if they desire.  Drinking fountains can only be used to refill a water bottle.
    3. Restrooms are available for use but we ask that each swimmer uses the restroom prior to practice.
  2. Swimmers should enter through the door by the diving well, which is located between the activities door and the door by the weight room at the High School. 
    1. Temperature checks should be done at home by a parent before your swimmer arrives at practice and each swimmer will be asked standard Covid health questions. 
      1. FOR EVERYONE’S SAFETY, IF YOUR SWIMMER EXHIBITS SYMPTOMS OF ILLNESS OF ANY KIND, PLEASE KEEP THEM HOME UNTIL THEY ARE WELL.  If we find that a swimmer has a temp above normal Covid guidelines, we will have to send that swimmer home until they are well. 
  3. Swimmers will be directed to a place to sit (folding chair socially distanced on the pool deck) to wait for practice to begin. 
    1. The swimmer may place their belongings on their chair when the coach directs them to their lane assignments. 
    2. To maintain safety standards, we will keep swimmers together in a practice group or “pod”.  For example, if Johnny and Tommy are in the Pups Level and are assigned in Lane 1, they will remain together as a practice group or “pod”.  This assists us in the event that a swimmer falls ill, we can notify a smaller group people to quarantine versus a bigger group due to exposure. 
    3. Masks maybe taken off at this point and left with their belongings.  If dryland exercises are part of the practice routine, swimmers must leave their masks on during that time.   
  4. Once practice is complete, swimmers will then exit the pool area via the emergency exit doors by the diving well at the Southwest end of the pool area. 
    1. Parents can pick up their kids just past the activities doors.
  5. Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, parents will not be allowed to watch their swimmers during practice.  We have to follow curbside drop off and pick up at this time. 
  6. At this time, we have no information available for any potential scheduled meets for swimmers.  We will update you with information as soon as we learn of any news. 

Parents as always, please refer to the website for practice information and registration as well as emails for the latest information.