The Wright County Wave Swim Club is a United States Swimming competitive team dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment where successful athletes are developed.  A successful athlete is one empowered by not only the physical fitness benefits associated with swimming but also with the lifelong skills of determination, discipline and integrity.


Competitive swimming was first introduced in Buffalo in the 1980's by BHM Community Education as a winter program.  Immediately after that program ended, Buffalo swimmers and parents sought out the nearest USA Swimming program so that their athletes could continue to train and compete in the spring and summer.  For years, every spring, Buffalo swimmers would travel to Monticello (the nearest USA Swim Club at the time) every day so that they could continue to train and attend meets.  As interest in swimming as a sport grew larger in Buffalo parents decided to create their own local year round USA Swimming program and the Wavemakers Bison Swim Association was formed.  This organization not only ran the Buffalo USA Swimming Club they also were the booster club for the Bison Girl's Swim and Diving Team.  In 1993, the parent board changed the name of the club to the Wright County Wave Swim Club.  This name change was made do to the increasing number of swimmers from other local cities near Buffalo not associated with the Bison.      


Today, the Wright County Wave Swim Club is still a non profit USA Swimming Club, run by a member elected Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are volunteers.  Their purpose as a board is to support local competitive swimmers by overseeing the operations of the club.  The Board meets monthly and all Wave Swim Club parents and adult members are welcome to attend.

The Board believes in swimming as a life long sport so all swimmers ages 6 and up who live in or near Wright County are encouraged to join.  The club welcomes swimmers at every level of ability, from novice to international competitor.   A current USA swimming membership or a current U.S. Masters Swimming Membership is required to swim practice with the Wave.  The Wright County Wave is a swim club that promotes the sport of swimming; so swimmers are required to participate in swim meets.  Home swim meet attendance is required.  All swimmers will be encouraged to attend the Minnesota Swimming Championship Meets at the end of each season.  

The club runs two sessions each year that coincide with the Minnesota Swimming Long Course Season and Minnesota Swimming Short Course Season.  The Long Course Season begins in April and runs into the beginning of August.  The Short Course Season begins in September and runs into March of the following year.   Registration will open on-line on the Wave Swim Club website approximately one month prior to the beginning of each season.  The club requires all swimmers and coaches to become USA Swimming members.  A discounted USA Swimming Seasonal Membership is offered for swimmers who join in April and only swim the Long Course Season.

Most swim practices will take place at the Buffalo Middle School Pool.  Practices during the short course season will be held using the 25 yard portion of the pool.  Long Course Season practices will make use of the 25 meter portion of the pool.


The Wright County Wave Swim Club views competitive swimming and all sports as a means to learn valuable life skills. Swim meets and competition are simply a way to realize one’s own abilities and growth. The final measure is not if you placed first or how much time you dropped, but what you learned during the competitive experience.