Wright County Wave Swim Team

Plan to Safely Return to Practice

As of 6/21/2020

This plan fully adheres to The Minnesota Department of Health Guidance for Social Distancing in Youth Sports as prepared by SafeSplashMN.  This Plan Addresses:

  • Core Requirements and necessary changes to swim training as we protect swimmers from COVID-19 related threats. These core requirements include social distancing, zero contact, small practice pods, and other health etiquette.
  • A preview of how Daily Practice will look for the Wright County Wave Swim Club.
  • Swift Response protocols that staff will commit to follow if they encounter a new COVID-19 risk or infection impacting a practice pod.
  • Roll-out Objectives that identify pool facilities willing to align to the SafeSplashMN requirements, and ongoing support plans for all MN teams.




Core Requirement 1:Social Distance Overview

  • Only swimmers, coaches and safety personnel are allowed into the facility and/or pool area. No observers.
  • All must maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet from non-family members at all times, in and out of the pool, as marked via decals on facility floors and lane lines, and must never remain in a single location for an extended period.


Core Requirement 2:Zero Contact Overview

  • Zero contact from person-to-person, zero contact from person-to-shared equipment and minimal, controlled contact with facility surfaces which are regularly sanitized and disinfected after the departure of each pod.
  • Swimmers arrive wearing swimsuits/warmups and masks, with no extraneous equipment or clothing. Locker rooms are closed.
  • If needed swimmers will be assigned equipment and equipment bags for their personal use.  This equipment must be brought to each practice and it must be returned at the end of the season.
  • Swimmers are taught to safely enter the pool in their pre-designated lane with minimal contact to surfaces.


Core Requirement 3: Practice Pods

  • All swimmers are assigned to a regular practice pod.
  • Practice pods will not intermix with each other in any way.
  • All Minnesota swimming competitions are cancelled. Wright County Wave Swim Club members in a connection with the SafeSplashMN movement commit not to train or compete out of state without approval.
  • All swimmers are contactless (outside of immediate family members), maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet always.


Core Requirement 4:  Health Etiquette Overview

  • We recommend all swimmers wear masks when not swimming.
  • We ask parents to perform a daily health check at home prior to leaving for practice.  If a swimmer is feeling ill in any way STAY HOME.
  • Locker rooms are closed. Swimmers must arrive ready to swim.
  • Swimmers will take a cleansing shower and thoroughly rinse off before entering the pool enclosure.
  • If emergency bathroom use is required, only one swimmer will be allowed in the bathroom, and it must be disinfected immediately after use.  The bathroom in the hall outside of the pool area is available for use.
  • A user leaving the pool to use the toilet must take a second cleansing shower before returning to the pool enclosure. 
  • Once the pod enters the water a staff member will begin to clean surfaces that athletes touched on their way in.  Staff will begin at the lobby entrance.  All areas including the shower will be cleaned between pods.
  • If an individual becomes sick during practice that person will be isolated into the classroom just outside the pool entrance and a staff member will call the parent/guardian to pick them up immediately.



Daily Practice Stage 1:  Entering the Facility

  • 10 minutes prior to practice, each swimmer approaches the one-way lobby entry, at least 6 feet apart in a single-file line, wearing a mask.  If swimmers arrive earlier, they should remain in their vehicles.
  • Swimmers then proceed to the double door pool entrance.  Signs are posted.  A staff member will open the door to allow the pod to enter the pool.  Swimmers proceed to marked areas to prepare for practice.
  • Each swimmer arrives in their swimsuit, they may be covered with warm-ups, carrying ONLY a towel, water bottle, cap, goggles, and personal equipment.


Daily Practice Stage 2:  Before Swimming

  • When their pod is called to the starting area, each swimmer joins a single file line, at least 6 feet apart, to leave their mask, towel, and warm-ups in their preassigned, marked, socially distant poolside position.
  • One at a time as dictated by staff each swimmer takes a shower in the family locker room.  Family locker room doors will be propped open as to avoid use of the door handle and to safely usher swimmers in and out.
  • From the shower swimmers exit and go directly to their pre-assigned lane, staying at least 6+ feet apart always.
  • The Coach records attendance for the pod.
  • Swimmers enter the pool maintaining social distance by staying in the center of their lane once in the water.
  • Swimmers who arrive late will have to wait until a staff member checks them in and makes sure that they shower.


Daily Practice Stage 3:  Social Distancing in the Pool

Below is an example of how social distancing will take place in the pool while swimmers are in the water.


In this example, a practice group of 6 swimmers.  Family members may share a lane but no more than 4 swimmers in a lane at a time.


Daily Practice Stage 4:  Leaving the Pool

  • One-by-one, athletes collect their belongings, and exit the pool via the pool door located near the shallow end.
  • Swimmers exit the building in their swimsuits, never crossing paths with the next pod of athletes.




  • The health of swimmers, staff, and their families must be the top priority. The Club will enforce MDH and CDC guidance to stay home whenever sick or exposed.
  • Families are required to report any positive COVID-19 tests immediately. In the event of a positive test, the club will notify all members, the staff, and Buffalo Community Education immediately.