The following guidelines are designed to maintain the safety of athletes as well as to reduce the risk of misconduct in and around the pool area and the facilities. 


Swimmers should arrive at the facility no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of their designated practice time.  Swimmers shall report directly to the locker rooms or the pool deck.  All other areas of the facility are off limits.


In the event that practice needs to be canceled the Wave Coaching Staff will send a email out to parents to notify them.  Please make sure that your email on your Wave swim account is up to date in order to receive notice.

If the Buffalo Hanover Montrose School District cancels school or sends students home early due to poor weather conditions swim practice will be canceled.


The locker room area is for changing and showering only.  Swimmers will limit their time in the locker room to 15 minutes prior to practice and 20 minutes following practice.

Swimmers will bring all personal items into the pool area unless they lock their items safely into a locker.  All locks will be removed each night after practice.

While in the Locker rooms, swimmers, parents and staff will abide by the rules and guidelines of the Wright County Wave Locker Room Monitoring Policy.

Swimmers will respect the personal space and items of others while in the Locker Room.  Swimmers are not to open lockers of others or remove items from lockers that do not belong to them.  Locker searches are forbidden.  

Swimmers will not lock items that are not their own, into lockers at anytime.

Inappropriate language or behavior in the locker room or on the pool deck will not be tolerated. 

Swimmers are encouraged to wear flip flops, Crocs or other types of shower shoes in the locker room and on the pool deck in order to prevent the contraction and spread of athlete's foot and warts.

Swimmers will turn off showers before they leave the showering area.  Swimmers will make sure to leave the showering area and the locker rooms clean.  Swimmers will deposit all empty containers into the trash.


Swimmers issued Wave equipment must bring that equipment to every practice.  Swimmers who have their own personal equipment may forgo being issued Wave equipment for the season.

Swimmers who leave equipment or bags at practice will be fined $5 to have them returned; provided that Coaches have seen or secured the items or bags for the swimmer.

All Wave Swim Club equipment must be turned in at the end of each season. 

Parents will be billed for any missing or damaged equipment at the end of the season. The bill will be equal or greater than the cost to replace the missing equipment with a piece of brand new equipment plus any shipping fees.      


Swimmers must bring a pair of goggles, a practice swim suit and a towel to every practice. 

Men, women, girls and boys with long hair must also wear a swim cap to practice.

Swimmers who have their own personal equipment and equipment bag should mark every item with their name.   


All swimmers must participate in clean up at the end of practice.  Swimmers may not leave the pool deck until their coach has dismissed them.

Once practice is over all swimmers must depart the facility or be picked up within 20 minutes.  Swimmers are to wait in the pool area or the main door area until parents arrive.

While at Fitness Evolution all swimmers must leave the pool area once their practice is over; unless they are a member and their parent is present in the pool area to oversee them.