Purpose:  To establish standards of behavior and manage expectations of the club and its members, by providing structure and familiarity while in an unfamiliar setting.  Team Travel is defined as overnight travel to a swim meet or other team activity that is planned and supervised by the club or LSC. 
Section 1 - USA Swimming Required Policies - Club and LSC travel policies must include these policies. These items are Code of Conduct stipulations in the USA Swimming Rulebook.
a. Club travel policies must be signed and agreed to by all athletes, parents, coaches and other adults traveling with the club. (305.5.D)
b. Team managers and chaperones must be members of USA Swimming and have successfully passed a USA Swimming-administered criminal background check. (305.5.B)
c. Regardless of gender, a coach shall not share a hotel room or other sleeping arrangement with an athlete (unless the coach is the parent, guardian, sibling, or spouse of that particular athlete). (305.5.A)
d. When only one athlete and one coach travel to a competition, the athlete must have his/her parents’ (or legal guardian’s) written permission in advance to travel alone with the coach. (305.5C)  When possible, the coach and athlete should attempt to establish a “buddy” club to associate with during the competition and when away from the venue.
Section 2 – Additional Wave Swim Club Travel Policies
a. The Wave Code of Conduct must be signed in advance of the team trip by both the athlete and his/her parent or legal guardian.  Legal guardians must also sign a liability release and provide a signed medical consent or authorization to treat form for each athlete.
b. Parent(s) are responsible for getting swimmer(s) to stated departure point on time and for picking up their athlete at the drop off point in a timely manner;
c. Athletes should not ride in a coach’s vehicle without another adult present who is the same gender as the athlete, unless prior parental permission is obtained.
d. Team members and staff traveling with the team will attend all team functions including meetings, practices, meals, meet sessions, etc. unless otherwise excused or instructed by the head coach or his/her designee.
e. During overnight team travel, athletes shall only room with athletes of the same gender and similar age.  Chaperones and/or team managers will stay in nearby rooms when athletes are ages 13 years or older. When athletes are age 12 & under, chaperones and/or team managers may stay with athletes. Chaperones/team managers rooming with athletes are required to be same gender as the athlete and written consent is required by the athlete’s parents (or legal guardian).
f. At no time shall athletes of opposite gender be in one another’s hotel room (unless the other athlete is a sibling or spouse of that particular athlete).  However, athletes of opposite genders may use the supervised team room, for relaxation and recreation, at the same time.
g. The directions & decisions of coaches/chaperones are final.  Curfews shall be established by the team or LSC staff each day of the trip.
h. When conducting room checks, attending team meetings and/or other activities, two-deep leadership and open and observable environments should be maintained.
i. Swimmers shall remain with the team at all times during the trip. Swimmers are not to leave the competition venue, the hotel, or any other place at which the team has gathered without coach or chaperone permission.
j. When visiting public places such as shopping malls, movie theaters, etc. swimmers will stay in groups of no less than three persons. 12 & Under athletes will be accompanied by a chaperone.
k. The Head Coach or his/her designee shall make a written report of travel policy or code of conduct violations to the Wave Board of Directors and the parent or legal guardian of any affected minor athlete.
Section 3 - Other Policies

Behavior - All members of the team traveling together are required to:

  1. Be quiet and respect the rights of teammates, chaperons, other guests and staff in the hotel;
  2. Be prompt and on time;
  3. Crease use of cell phones and all other electronic devices at lights out;
  4. Respect travel vehicles and always use seatbelt;
  5. Follow the established team dress code for the trip;
  6. Use appropriate behavior and language in public facilities;
  7. Must stay in assigned hotel room;
  8. Be in their room by 8:00 PM and turn lights out at 9:00 PM; and
  9. Put the needs and wellbeing of the team first.

Financial – Parents and swimmers must recognize the following rules:

  1. All fees associated with the trip must be paid for in advance of the departure date or athletes will not be permitted to depart with the team;
  2. Athletes will not order room service without permission;
  3. Athletes will be responsible for all incidental charges;
  4. Parents of athletes found responsible for any damage or thievery at the hotel will be liable for all financial penalties;
  5. Athletes must participate in contracted group meals.

General - In order to travel with the team:

  1. Athletes must meet the age guideline for the travel trip; and
  2. Athletes must be entered to swim in at least one event at the meet.

I have read the Wright County Wave Swim Club Team Travel Policy and I agree to follow the guidelines listed above.  I understand that failure to comply with the policy as set forth in this document may result in disciplinary action. Such action may include, but may not be limited to:

  1. Dismissal from the trip and immediate return home at the athlete’s expense;
  2. Disqualification from one or more events, or all events of competition;
  3. Disqualification from future team travel meets;
  4. Financial penalties;
  5. Dismissal from the team; and/or
  6. Proceedings for a LSC or USA Swimming National Board of Review.


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