It's Swim Championship Time

Stacy Milburn

It's Time for Swim Season Championships Meets to begin

This season has just flown by so quickly.  It's time to register for the end of season Short Course Championship Meets.  Championship Meets will begin with the Minnesota Achievement Championships (MAC) in Alexandria Minnesota on 02/23/2019 - 02/24/2019.  Please keep in mind that swimmers who earn new qualifying swims at our home meet may add those events after the 02/11/2019 registration deadline, but only those brand NEW qualifying events may be added after the deadline.  You must let Coach Milburn know you want to add those NEW events by 10:00 PM on Sunday February 16th via email or phone.  If you have questions please ask.  Also Tracy Hawkinson has found that the Hampton Inn if offering a discount rate to swimmers if you call and mention the swim meet.  Talk to Tracy for more information.

The following swimmers have qualified to swim at the MAC meet:

Female Swimmers:

Olivia Abubakar, Zainab Akram, Adalee Anderson, Haudyn Barkeim, McKenna Bernard, Natalie Bertelson, Taylor Bourgoine, Laina Brown, Sophia Chapman, Sophie Clarke, Ella Danielson, MacKinsey Dingmann, Audrey Duerr, Janice Foumal, Lynne Franzen, Addison Glur, Samantha Greig, Kate Halvorson, Sophia Hanson, Ryleigh Hawkinson, Allison Hayes, Kaya Hendrickson, Krya Hendrickson, Olivia Hendrickson, Zoe Hiers, Claudia Hourscht, Mallory Johnson, Avery Lindberg, Hannah McCarthy, Elizabeth Mies, Eliana Navarro, Paiton Perkins, Alexis Rademacher, Kelsey Rhodes, Sydney Rhodes, Cianna Roder, Keaton Roder, Mikenna Schultz, Fayrouz Sonbol, Mollie Stoesz, Taylar Swearingen, Heidi Van Krevelen, Nicole Wittke, Loralei Weis, Miranda Wenger, Taylor Wuollet, Karsyn Zumbusch, Margaret Zumbusch, Eve Smith, Kamya Smith

Male Swimmers:

Kumail Akram, Allen Bertelson, Sam Bryant, Leif Carlson, Rylan Close, Zachary Damico, Sam Halvorson, Isaac Hawkinson, Waylon Hicks, Collin Hoffman, Brennan Jacobs, Cayden Jacobs, Landon Jacobs, Daniel Jungswirth, Austin Kortisses, Dugan Kuzma, Mark Milburn Jr., Lucas Miller, Mason Pilcher, Drew Rund, Bentley Smith, Carter Sogn, Liam Sogn, Noah Thompson, Garrett Weis, Dawson West, Noah Wittke

The following swimmers have already qualified to swim events at the Minnesota Regional Championships (MRC) in Wayzata March 1st - 3rd:

Female Swimmers:

Kate Halvorson, Sophie Hanson, Kaya Hendrickson, Kyra Hendrickson, Olivia Hendrickson, Zoe Hiers, Olivia Neros, Kelsey Rhodes, Sydney Rhodes, Brianna Shroyer, Allie Stoesz, Taylar Swearingen, Nicole Wittke, Kamya Smith

Male Swimmers:

Allen Bertselson, Rylan Close, Matt Hoffman, Cayden Jacobs, Daniel Jungswirth, Dugan Kuzma. Noah Wittke 

If your swimmer has already earned a MRC time you must sign them up for that event by the 02/18/19 deadline online.  Swimmers who earn NEW MRC qualifying events at the MAC Meet may add only those NEW events to the MRC Meet after the 02/18/19 MRC deadline. Call or email Coach Milburn before 10:00 PM on 02/24/2019 to add those NEW events.  Please keep in mind It is a great achievement for a swimmer to earn even a single MRC time; so please consider attending.  I have found that swimmers who attend with one MRC time go on to earn even more times in the future.  Swimmers who don't go for just one time tend to loose desire to push for those faster times.  Provided we have enough swimmers in an age group sign up we will also have relays at the MRC meet.  We already have enough girls for 11-12 relays and 13-14 relays if everyone attends.  We have enough boys for the 11-12 relays if all boys attend.

With several more meets on the way I'm hopeful that we will see more swimmers earn their MRC & even CHAMP times.