23 Wave Swimmers Advance to the MRC Meet in Minnetonka

Stacy Milburn

First of all I would like to say "Great Job!" to all the Wave Swimmers who swam in the Minnesota Acheivement Championships this past weekend in Alexandra. 

Those swimmers include: Olivia Abubakar, Adi Anderson, Allen Bertelson, Natalie Bertelson, Lyla Bourgoine, Taylor Bourgoine, Sam Bryant, Rylan Close, Lynne Franzen, Samantha Greig, Isaac Hawkinson, Ryleigh Hawkinson, Allison Hayes, Kaya Hendrickson, Kyra Hendrickson, Olivia Hendrickson, Collin Hoffman, Brennan Jacobs, Cayden Jacobs, Landon Jacobs, Junior Milburn, Eliana Navarro, Mason Picher, Eve Smith, Kamya Smith, Miranda Wenger.

In total the swimmers listed above earned 90 Personal Best Times (PBT) over the weekend. 

This coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday the following 23 Wave Swimmers will advance to swim at the 2019 Winter Minnesota Regional Championship meet in Minnetonka:

Allen Bertelson, Rylan Close, Sophia Hanson, Isaac Hawkinson, Ryleigh Hawkinson, Kaya Hendrickson, Kyra Hendrickson, Olivia Hendrickson, Zoe Hiers, Brennan Jacobs, Cayden Jacobs, Landon Jacobs, Daniel Jungwirth, Lucas Miller, Eliana Navarro, Kelsey Rhodes, Sydney Rhodes, Brianna Shroyer, Kamya Smith, Allie Stoesz, Taylar Swearingen, Noah Wittke,  Nicole Wittke

Make sure to wish them luck if you see them this week before the meet.

More photos: