Contact [email protected] for registration info.

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Masters (Over 19 years old):

Masters swimming promotes adult fitness and health by offering a year round fitness/competitive swimming program for all levels and abilities.  We incorporate healthier lifestyles through swimming. We provide an inspiring atmosphere that combines camaraderie, fun, and motivation.

Questions:   Contact Heidi Miler @ [email protected]

WEST Express  Swim Team offers a Masters Swim program for swimmers 19 and over. The practices are offered at Pioneer Ridge Middle School, 1085 Pioneer Trail, Chaska MN. 

Morning: Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 5:45 - 7:00am 


Come ready to swim at 5:45am.  There are locker rooms available.

Masters Fees:

  • $40 a month
  • Daily Drop in fee: $10
  • US Masters Swimming (USMS):  Cost is $60 for 2022

Registration Procedure:

1.  Register with US Masters Swimming or USA Swimming:  Every swimmer must have a valid registration card for insurance and liability purposes.  You can go to USMS Member Registration  ( ) to sign up.  Note: Please specify that you would like to be attached to WEST Express Swim Team when registering - Workout Group WEX. WHEN going through the registration steps it will ask you your selected LMSC which will be Minnesota, then it will ask you your club - SELECT Minnesota Masters Swim Club. Then a box will pop up WO GROUP - in that box click on West Express (WEX).

2.  Email Info:  Once you have your USMS registration card, please e-mail a copy to [email protected] or bring a copy to the pool.

3. WEST Registration:   Please register online for WEST Masters. You register with same link at swim team.  There is a $15 registration fee.  Dues  - will be billed monthly. 

***If you took a break and are coming back, just email [email protected] to reactivate your account.***

Membership Policy:

1. FEES, based on the fee schedule above, are billed to your account on the first of every month. Note: Monthly fees are required of ALL swimmers attending one or more practices in a calendar month.

2. NEW SWIMMERS may have two FREE practices to evaluate the program.  Registering mid-month does not require payment - final portion of the month is free.

3. NOTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS:  All requests for extended absences or separation from the team must be in writing and received by the Masters Coach or emailed to [email protected]  We require a 2 week notice if you do not want to be billed.

Swimsuits, caps, googles can be purchased through Elsmore Aquatics at a discount.  Click on Elsmore icon to be directed to the WEST Express page.


U.S. Masters Swimming Registration  
  Every Masters swimmer must register with US Masters Swimming regardless of your intent to swim for fitness or to compete.  The cost is $60 for 2022    and provides insurance coverage for you as well as your club.   Click here  to link you to the online registration or an area to print a registration form.  You should show your registration at your first practice.


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