Weekly News - February 4, 2019

Riptide Swim Team
Feb 4, 2019

Weekly News – February 4, 2019

New Information

Winterfest Results: We had a great afternoon of racing on Saturday and saw some strong efforts and results. With our end-of-season championship meets just around the corner, this was an exciting sign of great things to come! Meet results are available here.

Congratulations, Keely: Congratulations to Keely Tierney on her commitment to attend and swim for Denison! Keely is Riptide’s latest example of hard work and determination paying off! We’re VERY proud of you!

Championship T-Shirts: Please take a few minutes to look at your Team Unify accounts to be certain that your children’s clothing sizes are entered correctly. We will be using this information as the basis for our t-shirt orders.

iHeart: The big iHeart meet is this weekend so prepare yourselves for a fun and full weekend of racing. Keep your eyes on the meet event page for all the news you need to know.

Boy’s HS Sectional Meet at Bluewater: Bluewater will host the Boy’s Section 3AA championship meet on February 20 & 22. As a result, our practices will be moved to local ISD196 pools on both days. Team Unify practice calendars have been updated to reflect these changes. Thanks for your flexibility.

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Ongoing Updates & Reminders

Private Lessons: If you’re interested in private lessons for your swimmer, please speak to your coach or email Paul Smith.

Final Practice Day of Season for Non-State Participants: The final day of practice for the season will be Thursday, February 28th UNLESS your swimmer is advancing to State Championships.

End-of-Season Championship Meets: As a reminder to our families, our team policy is to automatically enter all swimmers in the championship meets (MAC, MRC, State) for which they qualify. This rule applies to all groups except HSTS and Bronze. If you do NOT wish to swim a meet for which you have qualified, you must decline the meet in team unify. If you have any questions about this, please contact your lead coach.

End-of-Season Championship T-Shirts: We will again have some great championship meet t-shirts this Spring. There will be a unique t-shirt for MAC, MRC, State and Speedo Sectionals. Any swimmer entered in the meet will automatically be issued the corresponding t-shirt and your team unify account will be charged. Last summer, we followed this process and were successful in keeping the t-shirt prices very low. With the exception of the Speedo Sectionals shirts, all t-shirts will be under $10

March Dues Reminder: As a reminder to our families, Riptide fees are based on an annual cost divided over 10.5 months. All swimmers will be charged for half of March even though the season ends for many swimmers on February 28th.  The $30 facility fee is not charged for March.

Riptide Bench Pads: We’ve got some LONG sessions coming up at the MAC & MRC meets in February! Be a friend to your backside and look great in the process by sporting your very own Riptide Bench Pads! We’d love to see our Riptide families, in BIG numbers, showing their team spirit at these big meets.

Brendon Stuckey Swim Meet Photos: Brendon has done some excellent photography work for us at our Riptide home meets. Here’s a link to his various photo libraries. Any Riptide parents who would like the images may contact Brendon to get a download pin number free of charge. Simply email Brendon at brendon@chronicle-studio.com.

Spring Season: As an early heads-up to our families, the Spring season will begin on Monday April 1st. Our all-swimmer meeting will take place that evening and practices will begin for most groups on Tuesday. The exception to this is Senior Elite & Sr 2 which will begin on Monday afternoon the 1st.

Billing Contact Info: Questions or concerns? You may reach Cara at billing@riptideswimteam.org or at 952-683-1662.

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