Weekly News - June 21, 2021

Riptide Swim Team

Weekly News – June 21, 2021


New Information

  • Congratulations to Regan Smith on making the US Olympic Team in two events! She will represent Team USA in the 100-meter backstroke, the 200-meter butterfly and on several relays. She departs for Team USA Training Camp in Honolulu on Sunday the 27th.
  • Congratulations to Mike & Amy’s Daughter, Jessica, on making her second Olympic Team! She qualified for the Women’s 10M Synchro Platform.
  • Meets this weekend
    • AQJT Long Course Invite – Keep your eye on the meet info page for all details.
    • Rochester Long Course Invite #2 – Follow the meet info page for all updates.
  • As a result of the meets this weekend, note the following practice change
    • Jr-Select – No Saturday practice
  • Meet Results from last weekend
  • Long Course Surcharges – All Riptide swimmers utilizing summer long course lanes will be charged a surcharge to cover the rental costs for these lanes. This charge will be billed to your accounts this week. The surcharge is:
    • Sr-E $90
    • Sr2 $65
    • Sr1 $45
    • Jr-S $45
    • Gold $45
  • Long course season practices will end Saturday, July 24th for all swimmers not advancing to Sr State Championships, Central Zone Championships or Sr National Championships. We will offer a FlexSwim option the weeks of August 9th, 16th & 23rd for those that wish to swim during the August break. More information on our FlexSwim program will be published in a few weeks.




  • We still require masks while at BWAC. Fully vaccinated coaches may now remove masks while swimmers are in the water but will wear them during any interactions with the swimmers before or after practices. Thank you for your continued attention to these procedures.
  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should swimmers exhibiting symptoms associated with Covid-19 and/or with a fever of 100.4 or higher attend practices. Please work together to reduce the risk of infection. If your swimmer has had close contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case, you must keep them away from the pool for 10 days. You may not test out of this quarantine. Please review the Standard Operating Procedures.
    • Stay home if you are not feeling well. Please err on the side of caution as one bad decision can impact numerous other swimmers and families.
    • Remember that family members sharing the same household are considered “close contact” when it comes to Covid exposure. Therefore, if a member of your family tests positive for Covid, you must quarantine from practice for 10 days. You may not “test out of quarantine”. In the event you must miss practice due to Covid exposure, please notify [email protected] and a credit will be arranged.
    • Please remind your swimmers to always wear masks at BWAC while not swimming. Send your swimmer with a small plastic baggie in which they may place their mask at the end of their lane. The mask may be taken off just prior to entering the water and must then be placed back on immediately after exiting the water.
  • Coach Contact Information
  • Please direct all billing inquiries to Cara Pavek at [email protected].