Weekly News - January 24, 2022

Amy Parratto

Weekly News – January 24, 2022

Latest Information

  • Clinic Deadline Extended – Team Work Makes a Dream Work clinic deadline is approaching on February 13. We will work on relay starts and practice as a team on clean dives and successful take offs for swimming fast relay.
  • Livestreaming Volunteers Needed – We are looking for parents interested in training to run our livestreaming at swim meets. If you are interested, please contact Eric Vogen - [email protected].
  • Helpful Parent Podcast – Check out this podcast from High Performance Coach Cindra Kamphoff. She interviews world-renowned psychologist Dr. Hank Weisinger regarding his book – The Unlikely Art of Parent Pressure. Well worth the time spent!

Listen on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/high-performance-mindset-learn-from-world-class-leaders/id1034819901?i=1000547595081

Regular Reminders

  • Questions – If you have any questions regarding your swimmer, meets, clinics, practices etc. please contact your swimmer’s lead coach in order to get the quickest, most accurate and helpful response (see the list below). The coaches are here to help your child in all areas of their swimming. Make sure to reach out to them! If you have a billing question, contact Cara Pavek - [email protected].
  • Clinic Reminders – Clinic registration can only be done through our website. Do not register for clinics using the TU App. Make sure to read the description for clinics and register your swimmer with the correct roster. Your swimmer will not always be in the same session; it will depend on the clinic roster combinations.
  • Private Lessons: Riptide Coaches are offering 30 and 60 minute private lessons. The winter break may be an ideal time to try and schedule a session. If your swimmer is interested, either contact your lead coach directly or [email protected].
  • Adult Swim Private Lessons, Clinic & Training:

1. Adult Lessons: 30 & 60 minute sessions scheduled based on coach and pool availability.

2. Clinic: 5x 60 minute sessions on Friday afternoons from 1:30-2:30pm starting this coming week 11/12 geared for the beginner adult swimmer.

3. Training Group: 4-week session of 2x 75 minute practices per week on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:45-8am beginning 11/29 geared more towards triathletes who are not quite at the level of or looking for masters swimming. For more information, contact [email protected].

  • Bronze, Silver, Gold, Senior Prep and Senior Groups – Our lead coaches want to remind you that all swimmers must bring their tennis shoes Monday through Thursday for the dryland exercise portion of practice. Thank you!
  • Remember that we do have a parking lot routine that everyone must follow. Here is the link to see the details - https://www.teamunify.com/mnwss/UserFiles/File/BuildingMap-traffic%20flow.pdf
  • New Team Suit – Please be aware that ALL swimmers are required to purchase the new team suit if they are competing in swim meets. Here is the link to our Elsmore team apparel page - https://elsmoreswim.com/teams/minnesota/clubs/riptide.html.
  • Officiating – If you have any interest in becoming an official, please contact Coach Amy Parratto – [email protected]


  • We still require masks while at BWAC. Fully vaccinated coaches may now remove masks while swimmers are in the water but will wear them during any interactions with the swimmers before or after practices. Thank you for your continued attention to these procedures.
  • Locker rooms are only available for swimmers to use the bathrooms. Exceptions have been made for selected groups and practices.
  • Swimmers should continue to arrive and leave practice in their swim suit.
  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should swimmers exhibiting symptoms associated with Covid-19 and/or with a fever of 100.4 or higher attend practices. Please work together to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Current ProtocolsPositive Test - return on day 10 regardless of vaccination status provided person is symptom free. Close Contact Exposure or live with someone who is positive: Unvaccinated - Return on day 7 with a negative test taken on day 5 or later OR return on day 10 without a test. Vaccinated - Return on day 5 or later with a negative test 5+ days after exposure. We will be making additional changes in the coming days / weeks.