The Piranhas offer high-quality, individualized coaching for swimmers of all abilities. We understand that our swimmers all have different goals and different amounts of time they are able to commit. Though we are a competitive swim team, competing with top teams in the area, we know our swimmers and their families have busy schedules, and we are happy to provide flexible practice times and membership options. 

Please call us at 651-265-0756, or Click Here to send us an email request for more information, or to schedule a tryout.


Juniors: Ages 5-10

This group is for swimmers who are new to competitive swimming and want to learn more about the sport. Swimmers do not have to know how to do any of the competitive strokes to join, just be able to show they are comfortable in the water. Emphasis will be placed on learning how to swim the competitive strokes properly, learning the rules of competition swimming, and building a cardio base. Junior Piranhas will not compete in swim meets. Practices are offered 2 days per week. It is recommended that swimmers attend 1-2 days per week.


Bronze: Ages 6-10

This group is comprised of swimmers who can complete training sets using Free Style and Back Stroke legally. Technique improvement will be highly emphasized on a daily basis. Longer swims will be introduced while maintaining perfect technique. Organized dry land activities will be implemented to build strength without putting too much strain on younger bodies. Practices are offered 4 days per week. It is recommended that swimmers attend 2-3 days per week.


Silver: Ages 9-14

Swimmers will be making a transition from technique training to more interval/endurance swimming. Technique will always be monitored and focused upon even though the training will be slightly more intense than previous groups. They will develop more distance freestyle and IM type training. Group members will also start to make a commitment to the sport of swimming. Practices are offered 5 days a week. It is recommended that swimmers attend 3-4 days per week.


Gold: Ages 11 and Up

This group is for swimmers that have made the commitment to swimming. Group members must show the ability to train IM and distance freestyle. The swimmers in this group have made the decision to start more intense training and are willing to strive toward the highest levels of competition. Practices will be offered 5 days a week. It is recommended that swimmers attend all 5 practices per week.