Meet Expectations & Rules

You have your bag packed, you are marked up, in your suit, and you have arrived to the meet ahead of warm-up (like you are supposed to) ready to go! Now what?

At a meet it is no longer just your teammates in the pool, but there are going to be anywhere from 3-16 other teams at a meet, it depends on the kind of meet. They can be busy places, with a lot of down time for swimmers between events, but because they are busy places we have expectations of all swimmers just like in practice.

What We Expect

  • Bags will be stored under chairs, with parents, or in the camp area if the meet has one (camp areas are usually set up in gyms) this is especially important at busy meets, or meets with very little deck space
  • No glass containers (even ones with the rubber casing are not allowed)
  • Only healthy snacks, NO candy, pop, chips or super surgery food. Instead bring fruit, nuts, whole wheat bagel, crackers, veggies, and water! (Un-healthy snacks will be confiscated by the coaching staff)
  • All swimmers are expected to check in with a member of the coaching staff immediately following their race, before doing anything else
  • Swimmers will stay on deck during the meet and cheer on their team meets, only short trips to visit family, and only after checking in with the coaches
  • No electronics, please! This includes headphones. Instead bring cards, or any other interactive game, to play between races. Interact with your teammates!
  • Absolutely NO parents on deck! This is in accordance with USA Swimming rules, and following insurance rules. We can get in a lot of trouble if parents are coming on deck in a non-volunteering capacity. You will be asked to leave by a member of the coaching staff.
  • No yelling, loud talking, noises, or flash photography at the start of a heat, they need things as quiet as possible so the swimmers on the blocks can hear the starter
  • No foul language! Coach Zak does not like hearing swear words on deck. Pick a different adjective to voice your displeasure