University City Swim Club, member of USA and Ozark Swimming, is accepting resumes for youth swim coaches. Send resume to [email protected] if interested.


Job responsibilities:

  • Coach at practice Monday through Thursday evenings
  • Enthusiastically motivate swimmers to set and reach their goals
  • Actively engage swimmers during practice, attending to the learning and skill needs of each swimmer
  • Work collaboratively as part of our coaching team
  • Provide regular constructive feedback to swimmers, encouraging improvement.
  • Support swimmers at meets
  • Attend monthly coaches’ meetings
  • Maintain own USA Swimming certification (UCSC will reimburse expenses)
  • Follow USA Swimming Code of Conduct and Athlete Protection Policies outlined by USA Swimming


Applicants must have a love for swimming and for teaching kids. Be adaptable to change, honest, reliable, professional, and punctual, and feel a sense of accomplishment in helping others to succeed.



  • Previous swim coaching/instruction experience (preferred)
  • Competitive swimming experience (preferred)


Pay as follows:

Junior coaches (ages 16 - 17): $14/hour

Assistant coaches (ages 18 - 22): $16/hour

Senior level coaches: $22/hour starting


UCSC is a non-profit (501c3) organization, based in University City, Missouri. UCSC  teaches and trains youth and adult swimmers, supporting their athletic and personal development and helping them to develop a love of swimming through skilled instruction, opportunities to compete, an accessible and flexible program, and a supportive community of swimmers and their families.