AGUA Masters we are committed to training F.A.S.T.

F Function
A – Achievement
Our function as swimmers is to go FAST in the water. We accomplish that with varied and thoughtfully designed workouts that are informed by the latest science and coaching technique. Additionally, we provide professional and precise coaching of stroke mechanics. Achievement of goals defines who we are as athletes. AGUA Masters is committed to helping swimmers set and achieve measurable personal swimming goals. Strong swimmers are fast swimmers. AGUA masters helps swimmers to become stronger with professionally designed resistance workouts. AGUA masters is committed to making our team and our sport be a transformative force in the lives of our swimmers.

AGUA believes that training specific energy zones, with specific sets of different duration and intensity, will make you faster and stronger. The seven training zones but we use in swimming were created based on the three main ways that muscle cells recycle energy during exercise:

1. Non-aerobic metabolism (creatine phosphate)

2. Anaerobic metabolism (anaerobic glycolysis)

3. Aerobic metabolism

Improvement in one of those energy systems it doesn't influence the other ones. That's at why at AGUA we train in different energy zones. Typically a practice is broken into several of those zones based upon the length and the intensity of the set. These energy zones allow coaches to develop specific sets within a workout.

Swimming sets and distances that develop creatine phosphate metabolism consist of ultra low distances at maximum intensity with long periods of rest. Anaerobic metabolism is trained with sets in distance is ranching from 50 to 300 meters or yards, with maximum intensity, and short rest intervals of 20 to 30 seconds. aerobic metabolism is the main energy system for distances longer than 4 minutes and of lower intensity.

energy ZONE zone TITLE set distance set duration (minutes) HR (% of max) REST or ratio of WORK to REST EXAMPLE (advanced swimmer)
RECOVERY EASY varies varies <70 n/a 500 easy free warmup
EN1 MODERATE 1000-4000 >15 70-80 10-15 seconds rest 6x400 free @10 seconds rest
EN2 ENDURANCE 600-2000 10 to 40 80-90 15-30 seconds rest 4x300 free @15 seconds rest
EN3 THRESHOLD 400-1600 6 to 30 90-100 30-45 seconds rest 4x150 free @30 seconds rest
SP1 BEST AVERAGE 200-600 2 to 15 95-100 2:1-1:1 6x50 free super fast @45 seconds rest
SP2 RACE PACE 200-600 4 to 12 100 1:2-1:4 4x50 free race pace @60 seconds rest
SP3 SPRINT 25-100 1 to 2 100 1:3-1:4 4x25 free max speed @90 seconds rest

If you want to be faster, stronger and fitter... Train in the zone.



Core strength is necessary for swimmers. Every stroke relies on a combination of core muscles. It is also one of the most exhausting areas of the body to work out. As kids, many of us remember doing endless partnered sit-ups and crunches at swim practice. The hard pool deck hurt your tailbone and the exercises seldom produced the washboard stomach you imagined they would. Ineffective or poor dryland training can sour you on core training for years.
Try this instead. If you can find eight to 12 minutes a day for six weeks to follow this simple routine, you will be well on your way to serious core power. The only equipment you need is an ab wheel, available in our fitness centers or online. Complete two to three minutes of each of the following exercises and you'll be ready for swim-success:


  1. Superman plank
  2. Spiderman plank
  3. Kneeling ab wheel roll out
  4. Standing ab wheel roll out
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